Get to Know More about the Thrilling 50 Dragons Slot Game

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The 50 Dragons Slot is another online game that you may consider playing. The slot revolves around raiding the golden temple and a giant flying lizard, which is part of the mythology told to every generation since medieval times. Its theme is based on Asian culture, which revolves around luck. So the players are allowed to interact with the beasts through the Dragon slot and win fabulous cash prices. It’s a thriller that will make anyone want to play the 50 Dragons free slots.

How to Play the 50 Dragons Slot

To play the game, firstly, you need to select the symbol that you think holds your luck. The machine displays these symbols on the right and the left-hand side. Click on your lucky one; it could be the rooster, the tiger, or even the dragon. The buttons at the bottom end of the machine allow you to select the payline that interests you. The range from 1, 5, 10….50 gives you a wider option to choose from. But you may choose more paylines to increase your chance of winning big rewards. Once it is done, hit the play button and wait for the outcome.

50 Dragons Slot Features

50 Dragons slot features the dragon beast, which is the main antagonist in the game. Besides, it features multicolored squares on the reels and the + or – buttons to help you select your bet line. Once you choose the symbol, you qualify for 5 free spins that could earn you bonuses.


The 50 Dragons slot machine game is enjoyable if feel you reached the limit and can stop playing. Therefore, if you can set your goals for the game, including the amount of money and time to spend on the game, it can be gratifying. You can also try these slots: Diamond Slot or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Slot.

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