Loyd is a university graduate and has worked for four different companies before becoming the author at the web Syndicate platform. His passion for gaming services is what prompted him to enter the casino business.

Personal details

Date of birth: 20th January 1975

Learning: Oxford University

Job: Author at the Syndicate online service

Best games: Slot machines and table games


Loyd Pelto is a popular online gambling and sports wagering writer. He was born in London, the UK, in 1975. He attended Oxford University, where he studied for a degree in Business Management.

Since 2011, he has been into gambling. His primary focus is the prime viewpoint to predicting any evaluations in the gaming business. In online games and sports wagering, he considers five percent of luck, ten percent of external factors, and eighty-five percent of the prediction as the main formula of winning.

Loyd Pelto made his first bets randomly but later discovered that a good outcome could only get attained through analysis. These days, he focuses on expert forecasts and writing about gambling platforms and games. He loves slots and table games.

Working experience

Like most fresh-graduates, Loyd Pelto tried self-employment because it was hard to get a job without experience. After a year, he was lucky to get a job at a small company where he worked as a salesperson. The young man did his job well and got an award for the employee with the highest sales. Between 2000 and 2010, he worked in three other medium-sized companies.

  • In one, he worked as an office clerk.
  • In the second one, he was a personal assistant to the head of a law firm.
  • In the third one, he was in charge of a team that carried out the installation and maintenance of internet services.

His next job after the above duties is the one that led him to where he is currently. He started by contacting a gambling and sports betting company in 2011. The love he has for slots and table games is what inspired him to enter the gaming business. He began by betting and playing his favorite titles on various casinos.

After playing several times and learning many gaming techniques, he decided to start writing about the casino and its offers. He became the Syndicate casino author, one of the gambling sites he used to play at often.

Loyd Pelto finds writing to be so interesting. Whenever he writes something, he gets a chance to see how gambling sites function and their features. Besides that, he can offer advice to players about the safest and most reliable online casinos.

The author also writes about gambling games. He loves the job because, before writing, he plays various titles. Encountering different offers and writing about them makes his work more exciting. Producing content helps him to learn the gaming tricks and strategies. When talking about gambling sites and games, some crucial details must get included. According to him, safety, licensing, and customer care are the main things that gamblers should consider when choosing a site.

Besides writing about casinos, Loyd Pelto also has a sports blog. He created it for fun because he also has a passion for football. Whenever he is free, he writes about sport and the best betting services.

Loyd Pelto’s experience as the Syndicate online casino author

The writer has been writing content for the Syndicate casino for around ten years. His power to develop creative and useful information pushed the gambling site to where it is currently. The casino was impressed by his writing that they gave him the position of Chief Editor.

Loyd Pelto always ensures that his content and gaming advice is helpful to gamblers. He also makes sure that his tips, reviews, and articles are straight to the point. Those are the things that make his content worth reading.

Anyone who visits the Syndicate internet site gets a chance to see his content. It is unique and beneficial to gamblers.

Why Loyd Pelto is one of the best authors in the gambling industry

The author began as a regular player and did his best to learn more about the gambling industry. He made it his duty to find out what gamblers need to consider when choosing the best service. His research helped him discover that there are many fake gambling sites, and some of them look real. He further wrote about what makes a site useful and what makes a casino not worth joining. His articles are very informative. Anyone who has read them can never make a mistake when choosing a good gambling site.

Another good thing about Loyd Pelto is that he also researches games and their providers. He has discovered so many things that many gamblers don’t know exist. For instance, some games get tilted to favor the house, and gamblers play them without knowing. Through the author’s articles, players will be able to avoid such gaming sites.

Loyd Pelto also keeps researching and writing about anything new he comes about. There is so much to learn from his content, making him the best author in the gambling industry.

An extensive look past the casino entertainment

Loyd Pelto is passionate about gambling. However, since Syndicate casino made him the Chief Editor, his approach has changed. Evaluating gambling services is not a simple task. It needs a systematic approach. He attacks the challenges from the gamblers’ perspective but looks at them with the developers’ eyes. The things that need to get monitored include:

  • The gaming site: Ensure the platform has a license from a distinguished licensing company.
  • Software: Determine the right games from outstanding developers and ensure they are fair.
  • Rewards: Consider the quality of bonuses and not their quantity.

Many casinos exist, and more keep emerging each time. The companies responsible for the gambling software are also many. The author believes he needs to have a macro perspective over things but present them in a simple way to the casino enthusiasts.

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