basic strategy chart in Las Vegas casino

Blackjack basic strategy chart in Las Vegas casino

Loyd Pelto
Loyd Pelto
Last Updated 24 December 2021

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in casinos worldwide. All unbelievable conditions for a victory are here. Anthony Curtis and Gianni the Greek are going to give you the best tips on  Blackjack basic strategy chart. In this article, you will learn why this game is like a game of chess indeed.

What is a basic Blackjack strategy?

The basic strategy is about improving the skills of beginners as well as experts to ensure continued progress in attaining winning. Actually, we have already written about how to master Blackjack in 4 simple steps. But the perfect is the enemy of the good, right? Now we are going to teach you in-depth basic Blackjack strategy for beginners. Especially, from this article and the video below you can learn plenty of lifehacks not only in Las Vegas casino but also in online gambling.

Of course, you can watch the gambling movie about the group of students who were trained by maths professor Kevin Spacey to understand how it works. But people can beat any casinos around the world, not only in films.

“Advanced blackjack is like a game of chess.” – Gianni the Greek

Blackjack basic strategy chart in Las Vegas casino

Chess is by definition a sequence of captures, ambushes, sacrifices, and attacks. Blackjack is a strategy rather than chance, so good thinking you will greatly increase the chance of winning.  That is why playing Vegas Strip Blackjack is very similar to playing chess.

“Play with a full table.” – Gianni the Greek

Blackjack basic strategy chart in Las Vegas casino

Gianni the Greek is Las Vegas gambler and he wants to give you a tip on how to play Red Queen Blackjack. In his opinion, when you are playing with other people, this can be “more social and fun” for you. You will quickly learn all the advantages and disadvantages of this card game. All you need is practice and a positive spirit.

“Single level-counting is easy to do.” –Antony Curtis

Blackjack basic strategy chart in Las Vegas casino

At the beginning of the video, Antony Curtis as a Las Vegas expert advised that “You have to learn the count of the cards”. Probably, you might have seen him on Travel Channel, BBC, Discovery and so on. Anthony is a professional gambler who knows what he is talking about.

Blackjack basic strategy chart in Las Vegas casino

And with such gambling lifehack and blackjack basic strategy chart, you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yes, it’s like crazy math, but please try to do that. Moreover, the professional gambler sums it all up by saying “The counting cards were not that hard”. So there is not rocket science. More information about the system for counting cards in Blackjack, you can read in our previous article.

“Memorization is remembering the strategy.”- Antony Curtis

Blackjack basic strategy chart in Las Vegas casino

When you make any moves with the basic strategy, memorization is really important. Because you have to remember each step in your game. Create your method for training memorization in Blackjack. It will help you to count the cards, analyze what you did correctly (stand, hit, surrender, double down or split ), and understand which step was wrong.

 It sounds like checkmate in Blackjack

In addition to Anthony’s opinion, Gianni said that you have to understand what the dealer has, what you have and how many cards over there now.  Probabilities and statistics is the mathematics of gambling.


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