Coronavirus gave a decisive blow to the Canadian sport

By Loyd Pelto
Canadian football

Canadian football is out 

The Canadian Football Championship will not be launched earlier than April 11, according to the league’s official website. The start of the Canadian championship was postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Canadian Championship is held in parallel with the MLS Championship, which is also suspended. It features several Canadian clubs (Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal), the rest play in the Canadian Championship.

Canada will not call off the World Cup in figure skating because of  coronavirus

The International Skating Association said that the world championship in figure skating in Canadian Montreal is not planned to be postponed because of the danger of coronavirus.

“At this point, the risk for health associated with coronavirus in Canada is assessed as low. As a result of this, the sporting event will be held following the plan, ”TASS quoted the approval of the tournament’s PR department.

Olympic Games

Canada won’t send their athletes to compete in the Summer Olympic Games

On Sunday, the Canadian Olympic Committee and the Paralympic Committee issued a joint statement stating that they did not want to send their teams to Tokyo if the games were not postponed for a year based on the spread of the coronavirus

The Tokyo Olympics, as still planned, will start on July 24, and the Paralympic Games on August 25.

The Olympic Committee of Canada made a statement that it would not send athletes to the 2020 Olympics from June to August, demanding it be postponed for a year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the CBC reports. “Canadian committees have found that they do not send teams to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in the summer of 2020, and they are relentlessly calling the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee, and the World Health Company to move the games once a year. Coronavirus and its attendant dangers for our athletes make dangerous circumstances for them, and the well-being and security of their families go to the first project. Fighting the spread of the microbe must be our main concern. We draw the fervor of mass decline in the field of healthcare, which is significantly more significant than sports, ”the statement said. At the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 2016, Canadian athletes captured 22 merits. In total, 314 athletes took part in them.

Our athletes were excellent in their positive attitude to training and preparation, but the stress and indecision caused by the coronavirus pandemic make preparation very difficult, ”the statement says.

Another call to move one of the key events of 2020 was made by the head of the International Association of Athletics Federations Sebastian Coe.

“I held a conference with adherents of state federations, at which we examined the formed history. In connection with the fact that the countries themselves suffered various harm from the coronavirus pandemic, we came to a unanimous view that the holding of the Olympic Games 2020 on the scheduled dates is impossible due to the failure to comply with the principle of fair competition, ”admitted Coe.

Hockey World Championship in Canada postponed due to coronavirus

The International Hockey Federation (IIHF) announced the cancellation of the ladies’ world championship, which was supposed to be held from March 31 to April 10 in Canada

“We had discussions with the Ice Hockey Federation of Canada. The national team of the Land of the Rising Sun was obliged to play there, and we decided that it was very risky to hold this tournament, as a result, we got a conclusion on its cancellation. We examined if we can execute it in proper year, but so far there are no definite conclusions, “said Rene Fasel TASS, IIHF President.

The tournament was to be held in 2 Canadian towns – Halifax and Truro. Halifax took the games of the men’s world championship, victorious for the Russian national team, 12 years ago. The personal team in Canada was preparing to defend the US team, which won the last 5 tournaments.

Canada has canceled the Arctic Winter Games

Due to the threat of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Canada has canceled the Arctic Winter Games, which were to take place in Whitehorse, the capital of the Yukon Territory.

This was announced by Acting Yukon’s chief physician, Catherine Elliott reports Ukrinform.

“There is no scenario under which we would consider it safe to host the Arctic Winter Games,” Elliott said.

She said she recommended canceling international competitions “by taking care of the safety and health of all athletes, volunteers, and relatives.”

According to the doctor, no cases of coronavirus disease have been reported in the Yukon right now, but “even one possible case of infection would have serious consequences”.

The games, which take place every two years, include competitions in 18 sports that are popular with the indigenous peoples of the North.


Women’s World Curling Championships canceled due to coronavirus. The women’s world curling championship, which was to be held March 14-22 in the Canadian city of Prince George, was canceled and failed due to coronavirus. This was reported on the website of the World Curling Federation (WCF). The cancellation of the tournament will affect the qualifications for the 2022 Olympics in Beijing, the WCF will consider the consequences and discuss possible changes with all interested parties.


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