Since its inception by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, bitcoin start making significant changes in several markets. The iGaming industry as one of the constantly growing industries was not an exception; it was one of the first markets to warmly welcome the use of this cryptocurrency. Many online casinos started supporting bitcoin as a payment currency because of its advantages like the small transaction fees and the very short time one has to wait to receive the payment.

As you know, Syndicate casino was among the first casinos to adopt BTC as an innovative solution to make the payment process a hassle-free process for its dear customers. What is more is that we also have chosen to provide casino players with all the latest bitcoin casino news, especially that this market witnesses regular updates and developments.

do you pay taxes on bitcoin?

Do you pay taxes on Bitcoin or with Bitcoin?

That’s right, you read the title correctly. Last year Arizona went this close to accepting cryptocurrency as an official way to pay taxes. It seems that more and more politicians start to believe in digital money and don’t consider it a gimmick anymore. Do you pay taxes on bitcoin? According to Express, February last year […]

Chinese cryptocurrency is no more illegal

Chinese cryptocurrency is no more illegal

The Chinese government has a complicated relationship with digital currencies: they hate it and they ban it. Then they love and plan to issue one of their own. In April, China banned Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency. Mining was enlisted as one of the industries highly disapproved by the country’s authority. However, today Chinese cryptocurrency […]

Ranking differences of Ethereum and Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency evaluation: ranking differences of Ethereum blockchain and Bitcoin

With a firm decision to start dealing with cryptocurrency, one should understand the intricacies of technology and application characteristics of every cryptocurrency. And namely: how to evaluate the cryptocurrency’s strength, how to analyze crypto rankings and not to loose on investing. Let’s review chinese ranking of Ethereum blockchain and Bitcoin. How to navigate in the […]

Facebook Libra is not for Europe

Facebook libra can be dangerous for everybody

Ladies and gentlemen, the world will have a new facebook cryptocurrency. Yeah, a tech behemoth has kept pace with trends and it’s expected to be available to early 2020. Facebook Libra should be built into existing applications, including WhatsApp and Messenger. In all likelihood, Europe is not ready for that. Especially, the French Financial Minister […]

Billionaire Keiser said that Bitcoin was about to disrupt the US dollar

Max Keiser: Bitcoin is already unstoppable

“Bitcoin is dying!” “Cryptocurrencies are a gimmick!” “Bitcoin is our future!” Many people, many opinions. But there are few that really matter. And there are few people who can really take a look into the future and make a valuable prediction. Like Max Keiser in an interview with The Street. Max Keiser predicted the future […]

Draper predicts Bitcoin price about $250,000 in 2022

Few billionaire investors have been so vocal and bullish on Bitcoin price appreciation as Tim Draper, the founder of venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson. In an exclusive interview with TheStreet, Tim weighed in on where he thinks Bitcoin’s price will be in the future, cryptocurrency regulation and price volatility. “I am buying more” Tim […]

Learn the best cryptocurrency facts

Fun facts about Bitcoin to tell your friends over the cup

There is no such person in the world who hasn’t heard about Bitcoin. Expect for long-lost tourists deep in the forests of Amazonia. But even they may have already been told about the currency of the future; the DIY money; the ultimate digital payment method. Not every person still understands how it works, but many […]

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