Top 9 dogs gambling names

By Loyd Pelto
Dogs gambling names

Are you more of a cat person or a dog person? The team of Syndicate casino blog like both of them. But today we’re going to talk about dogs. Espeсially we should like to discuss the subject of gambling-related pet names. Who names a dog Jackpot? It can be interesting to call your pets based on favorite casino games. Something like video slots, card games or whatever. Remember: your pet is your friend, your partner, and your defender. A good name is very important.

The most common 9 dogs gambling nicknames

Cream of the crop dogs gambling names1. Jackpot

Probably, Jackpot is the best thing about gambling and It’s amazing to see how quickly this jackpot grows! Just imagine, your jackpot will always be with you. A little puppy will be like a lucky ticket on your vision board.

2. Two-up

It’s a traditional Australian gambling name when you have to throw two pennies or coins into the air. Do you remember what your dog wants most often? Of course, he wants your attention. You have to wake up in the early morning because of him. Then your pet needs exercising in the evening. So two-up for a walk instead of an alarm, two up when you are going to travel or just because your dog is hungry.  This is definitely the best name that describes your life.

Cream of the crop dogs gambling names3. Bingo

Of course, you heard about a dog named Bingo, aren’t you? We have the game by that name where you need to match the numbers on your bingo card in a certain pattern to win. Also, people used this phrase to express something positive. And dogs are always the most reliable creatures, aren’t they?

4. ZigZag

This name has often been identified with a multi-line slots machine. If your pet is speedy, that’s an appropriative name for him. ZigZag is everywhere with you.

Cream of the crop dogs gambling names5. Blackjack

All right, Blackjack has 2 words: black and jack. It can be two names for dogs gambling twins or one-word name for a single. If you have a dark puppy, Blackjack is a pertinent name for its too. Besides, now you can play blackjack with your little blackjack. And we guess, there’s nothing else.

6. Spinner

It’s probably one of the best dogs gambling names. Your puppy is like a spinner, always hanging around with you. Especially if he is hyperactive. He used to practice those pirouettes in the kitchen because the linoleum made it easier to spin. He is so fast and It makes your eyes spin. Call him Spinner and spin your wheel.

Cream of the crop dogs gambling names5. Roulette

The winning number in the Roulette game is where the ball on the wheel stops. We bet your dog loves the balls. Could you teach him to pick the ball up and throw it down the “roulette” field? The roulette is a relatively simple game that allows the player to win a significant sum.

6. Baccarat

This name is appropriate for a constantly hungry dog. We want to explain why. In the Baccarat game, the victor is the person that has the biggest remainder after dividing by ten. When your pet is hungry, you can start to play in that game with him. So If you decide to call your dog Baccarat, you’ll know how to divide dog food into several parts, preferably in ten.

Top 9 dogs gambling names9. Poker

Your dog is going to be a real “GamePet” when you give that dog a gambling name. Poker can play for his interest with balls, toys or whatever like in that Poker card game, in which players should collect cards corresponding to some winning combination.

So what now is, you have a choice

We have already explained the possibilities for gambling nicknames for your pets. Loyalty is something a dog offer. A dog’s extremely loyal to its home and family and doesn’t warm up to strangers. When you choose the name for your dog, It’s like choosing your favorite game in the casino. Come on, you are gonna make it. Choose the best dog gambling name of all time.


Loyd Pelto is happy working as an author because it helps gamblers make the right decision. He has been writing for ten years. His primary objective is to bring order to the online gaming business.

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