Female Poker Players Australia

Famous Female Poker Players Australia

Loyd Pelto
Loyd Pelto
Last Updated 24 December 2021

There is a myth that women don’t play poker. No, that is complete nonsense! Not only they play in poker but also they stand to gain the most out of this. Well, let’s find out who female poker players are.

Famous female gamblers who won big in poker

Some girls are stronger than they look. Years of practice or feminine charms help them to beat worldwide tournaments again and again. Can be sure, anything is possible for these poker girls. The most famous female poker players are here.

Vanessa Selbst

This poker girl is quite a successful one in live tournaments. You know, she won three World Series of Poker bracelets. Yes, that’s incredible! The most interesting fact about these deserved awards is that each bracelet has been gambled in various poker games. It’s demonstrated her prowess, isn’t it? As well as this, Vanessa is the only one who won two North American Poker Tour events having first won in 2010 and successfully defending her title in 2011. Just imagine, her winning in a poker tournament is about 11 million dollars. In addition to it, Vanessa Selbst was ranked as number one on the Global Poker Index.

Kathy Liebert

Female poker players

This female gambler earned more than 6 million dollars in poker tournaments. It’s a really high output. Kathy has won nearly 40 times on the World Poker Tour and she has one WSOP bracelet. For her, the world just doesn’t have as many mysteries anymore.

Vanessa Rousso

Female poker players

Unfortunately, Rousso doesn’t have any WSOP Braсelets or World Poker Tour titles, but she has certain abilities. For instance, Venessa has gained over 3.5 million dollars in live tournaments as well as 4 Final tables and 25 caches between the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour. You feel its power growing, don’t you?

Annie Duke

Female poker players

Annie is won more money in WSOP events than other women. Besides, she has a WSOP bracelet. And guess whose sister she is? Something that gets your blood pumping. She is the sister of professional poker player Howard Lederer. Of course, the brother was her mentor at the beginning. Howard Lederer saw the growth potential of his sister and gave her poker lessons. Moreover, he sent her some money for real poker. And then a little while later she decided to move to Las Vegas because poker has been a steady source of revenue for Annie Duke. One more interesting fact is that you can read plenty of poker books which were written by Anny.

As you can see, female poker players are always surprising us. Earning money at poker is not a crime, as far as we know. Basic poker strategy, plenty of practice and the ability to bluff. It’s actually not that complicated.


Loyd Pelto
Loyd Pelto Author

Loyd Pelto is happy working as an author because it helps gamblers make the right decision. He has been writing for ten years. His primary objective is to bring order to the online gaming business.

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Thomas McLeod
14 September 2021
I used to always wonder how normal it is that I play poker (I'm a girl). Now, after reading your article about really cool female poker players, I understand that this is not just normal - it is great! It sounds like motivation to do more and be even more interested in all of this. I really want to participate in competitions and win. Thanks for the article, it gave me strength and confidence :)
25 May 2020
C'mon, women usually have a plan and, by all means, stick to it. This patience usually pays off in the long run. They believe that a woman does not know how to bluff, is indecisive, weak and emotional. And the wise representative of the fairer sex does not apply this, because according to statistics, women are more resilient, they analyze details better and are not in a hurry with conclusions, they are guided by long-term prospects and are able to wait a moment. Oh yes, and besides this, they have two more trump cards in their pocket: intuition and attractiveness.
25 May 2020
That’s all nonsense! Why then do we often see men as winners? "." Men are simply bigger. " In a game, whether it be a tournament or a cash game, usually an unequal number of players - about 80% of men and only 20% of women.
poker gamer 202
25 May 2020
Wow, did you know that women, as a rule, take less risk, analyze the situation more deeply before investing, they feel better when it’s worth stopping. And you know that the most interesting thing (we ask you not to read the misogynists later) is that recent studies say that women and more successful poker players.
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