Geisha Pokie Review: Win Generous Prizes in Australia and New Zealand

By Loyd Pelto
geisha slot machine

The Geisha slot machine is a masterpiece by Aristocrat grabbing a club and pub patrons from within the nation and worldwide. It is one of the few games by Aristocrat that was able to launch on a digital platform. In the current scenario, you can find the fun in online casinos as well as iTunes Marketplace. The theme is one of the most prevalent topics among online casinos, with this symbol, Japanese history tracing its origin back to the 1600s. The term refers to a female entertainer skillful at dancing and singing and being musicians and calligraphers, who perform at social gatherings and earn respect. Being a Geisha is not easy, as one needs to begin training right from a teenager. It is one of the best games in the world of Aristocrat online pokies, marking a transition in the online casino world. Today it is one of the favorites in the world of online casinos and gambling sites.

Specifications and Slot Details for Players in Australia and New Zealand

The Geisha slot game offers an RTP of 95.12% in New Zealand and Australia. It refers to the payout percentage that players can earn for every 100 pounds that they spend. The game’s volatility slot is also high, meaning that the probability of winning on this platform is less in comparison to other average games. However, earnings are relatively more generous. Thus, this gaming platform is for those who enjoy a good bankroll.

Stunning Design and Layout of Geisha Game

Like any other classic pokie from Aristocrat’s mastermind, the Geisha slot machine is one of the simplest games in Australia and New Zealand that are easy to load. The reels find a setting against the magnanimous landscape. However, it has a petite soundtrack with no music in the background. You can hear the sound effects only during the reels’ spinning or winning. Every time you hear a soundtrack, it is fundamental. The symbols that have animation are the ones that are high paying and come to life only if you get a particular winning combination.

Graphics of Slot Machine

One of the most stunning features of the game is its graphics. Not only is the design vibrant but also mystical, luring players and engaging them in the mesmerizing gaming environment by sticking to the Japanese origin like Moon Princess. With a holistic, calm, and beautiful aesthetics, the game enjoys a vibrant color scheme featuring cool tones. It will not be wrong to applaud the Aristocrat for these fantastic graphics and efforts they have put behind.

Prominent Symbols and Their Meaning on Geisha Platform

With every symbol comes a unique bonus and payout. Each sign has some generous cash prize to offer to the players. Dragon and Flower indicate a small compensation, which doubles if the symbol substitutes the winning combinations. Unlike pokies, wild symbols work differently on this gaming platform, offering two times the multiplier helping enhance each player’s overall payouts. Geisha refers to 800 coins, while Dragon and Flower imply 750 coins each. Other symbols like Fan and Mountain or Crane indicate 400 and 250 coins. The notable aspect of the signs is that these do not require a minimum winning combination of three. Even if two like symbols come together with the same payline, most of these symbols pay out.

Each time you get a winning combination, you can gamble it by clicking on one of the two options other than the Take Win button, which takes you to a card game. After selecting a color or suit, the card reveals, and if you match this suit, the prize becomes four times, but if you compare the color, the bonus multiplies by two. If you desire, you can gamble this prize as many times as you like. As per the suggestions, you should not bet for more than five times in a row. Another thing to note here is that the gamble feature appears only in classic games from Aristocrat, facilitating your overall chances to win.

Steps to Play and Win Generously in Geisha Slot

The format of the game gets inspiration from the conventional poker machines having twenty paylines. Players have the freedom to place their wager on every payline. After that, players can trigger twenty paylines to experience and reap profits. The number of paylines is not fixed, implying that players can change them based on their preference, depending on whether you would like to spend more money or less. The four options for paylines are one, five, ten, or fifteen. You can select the one that does not put pressure on your pocket while you enjoy the game. If you talk about the mobile version, players can make any bets ranging from $0.02 on every payline, which the gaming platform converts to money credits. On each line, you can place ten to twenty money credits.

Slot Features that Bags Attention of the Players

There are plenty of Geisha slot game features that every player in New Zealand and Australia needs to know:

  • One of the most prominent features is its format that derives inspiration from the traditional poker machine.
  • There are 20 paylines in total, which are not bound to any restrictions so that you can change them as per your choice and preference patterns.
  • Each payline is meant for the players to wager on one by one, eventually triggering all twenty paylines resulting in as much profit as a player can earn.
  • Those who desire to wager on fewer paylines can choose anywhere between 1,5,10, or 15, depending on your budget.
  • If it is a land-based version, you can wager $.02 or more per payline while in the mobile version; you can wager 10 to 20 play-money credits.

Earn Free Spins Bonus Round via Base Round

geisha slot game

Each time the free spins round trigger, the Red Temple symbol makes an appearance three to five times on a single payline. In total, each player gets fifteen free spins, which at times, multiplies. In this round, if you win a prize, you receive three times the prize’s value. This multiplication indicates the stunning cash prizes when you play the game from Aristocrat online. You cannot re-trigger the free spins round. If you want to earn more free spins, you need to achieve them through the base game.

A Diverse Betting Range

A highly flexible betting range is one of the lucrative aspects of the game. While exploring the game, players can indulge in a minimum of 0.25, including all the paylines, extending up to 2500.

Generous Geisha Slot Payouts

With an RTP of 95.12%, players’ payout per 100 pounds spent is quite magnanimous. Golden Dragon and the Golden Flower pay 750 times the initial bet amount per line if you get 5 similar symbols, 100 times in the case of four similar symbols, and for 2 or 3 of a kind, it pays 25 and 2 times the initial bet amount.

Diversity of Features and Generous Winnings

Geisha slot game is undoubtedly one of the best gaming platforms by Aristocrat that is not only exciting but offers gamblers in Australia and New Zealand winning rounds that are replete with generous prizes. The winning potential in the game is comparatively higher to those sharing similar grounds. One of the most exciting aspects of the entire gaming is the free spins round. You get an opportunity to trigger the free spins round anytime by winning it in the base round. The aesthetics of the game are pretty good though the soundtracks might not be that appealing.

Free Pokies Similar to Geisha Available Online

The following are some options that are quite similar to the game in both experience and perks.

  • Geisha (Endorphina)
  • Matsuri
  • Super Sumo
  • Kawaii Kitty
  • Samurai Princess
  • Secrets of a Geisha

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