The Guide to Popular Slot Machine Gameplay: What Should Be Taken into Consideration

By Loyd Pelto
The Guide to Popular Slot Machine Gameplay

Slots strategies are special techniques with the use of which players can increase the chances to get a big win. However, it is important to choose strategies wisely, taking into account the rules and characteristics of specific machines. A technique that “works” on one device may be useless on another. Check out our recommendations for the correct application of well-known slot strategies!

Basic strategies

Modern techniques to help beat online slots are presented in a wide variety today. We will focus on a review of the most popular of them. Slots strategies are divided into a few basic categories.

Conservative techniques

Mostly it’s a game at low stakes. They are not particularly dynamic and such strategies are well suited for novice users and can be applied to the game on any slot model.

The most famous is the Bare Backs (Zigzag) technique. It is based on the constant change of slot machines.

The user is invited to make 10-20 spins. If, as a result of the game, the size of the balance has increased, you can continue playing on the slot. If a series of rotations is unsuccessful, the machine should be changed and the process repeated.

During the game, the level of rates remains at the same level. It is recommended to start with small contributions. The presented strategy allows you to test the possibilities of different slots and find a “giving” machine.

Moderate strategies

Such game techniques are based, as a rule, on constant regulation of the size of the bet. These techniques are recommended to be used on slot machines with a small number of paylines, but with high win rates, for example, Sizzling Hot or Always Hot from Greentube.

It is worth studying the paytable before using any strategy. The best option is to choose a device that can compensate for the cost of rotation in case of even the smallest combinations. It is these slots that make it possible to use the presented strategies with the greatest success.

However, experienced gamblers often use similar techniques on other types of machines.

Aggressive strategies

Techniques of this format can be easily applied by all the categories of players. A large bankroll, that has to be taken, is the main condition. The aggressive strategies are mostly used for jackpot machines.

The most popular method is “One Play”. It provides for only one spin, but with the highest possible bet. With a successful spin, users get really big wins.

Parlay system

The main feature of the system is simplicity and the ability to use it in various types of gambling, including slots. Unlike other gaming systems, the strategy provides for an increase in the size of the bet only if you win. So, the next bet should be equal to the first bet + the amount of the winnings in the previous round. If you lose, the bet size does not change. The strategy allows you to hit a big jackpot, while the probability of winning is extremely high, it is advisable to initially check it in demo games without investing real money.

Martingale system

It’s classic gambling strategy, that is used for increasing the size of the bet in case of a loss. So, each new bet after a loss must be twice higher than the previous one. For the creation of the system was used the theory of mathematical probabilities, according to which in any case the player will get a winning combination. Before wagering must be invested a significant amount of money.


The users are encouraged to test any kind of strategy before the start of the game. This approach makes it possible to verify the effectiveness of the technique or to adapt it for a specific machine.

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