Blackjack in Australia and New Zealand: 4 simple steps

Mastering Blackjack in Australia and New Zealand: 4 simple steps

Loyd Pelto
Loyd Pelto
Last Updated 24 December 2021

If you want to feel like a cool guy, there are two possible ways. You can put on a striped tailored suit and join a mafia gang or you can just play a good game of blackjack. Or both: we all know that mafia always wins. Especially with Syndicate casino!

Blackjack strategy: How it is simple for players from Australia and New Zealand

Why blackjack, you may ask. Come with us, we will explain it to you. There is always an element of chance in card games. But unlike poker, you don’t need to remember a ton of combinations; it’s enough to know basic rules for a winning blackjack strategy in New Zealand and Australia. Unlike roulette, you don’t rely on pure luck. And a casino has a miserable advantage of 2.5 percent. So you’re most of the time a winner! This game has many advantages – making your own decisions and then you will get some fun-time in simple things. Moreover, If you bring your mafia bros and a gun, you can always be a winner.

Step 1: make a bet

All in! You’re a risky guy, aren’t you? Of course, you are!

All right, just pulling your leg. Before you rush and make any bet, let’s talk about the money. Every chip is color-coded so you don’t guess: $1 is colored white, $5 — red, $25 — green, $100 — black, $500 is purple, and $1,000 is orange. Now you know the stuff, so go ahead and make your bet. Please, just don’t play black only because it matches your mafia suit. Be sensible.

chips in blackjack is color-coded

Step 2: count the cards

After you decide on a bet, the dealer shares cards: two for each player and himself. Usually, the players’ cards are faced up. The dealer has one up and one down (a hole card).

A little tip: don’t touch the cards. Just don’t do it. Keep in mind that any gangsters can’t move cards around the table. Probably because they are busy with the cigars, so be like them.

Now about the fun part of playing blackjack: mathematics! You need to count the value of your cards. All the numbered cards are counted with their face value. Picture cards all go for ten points, and the ace is a special one. It can be either 1 or 11. This creates us another rule: a soft/hard hand. You, a skilled gangster, surely have a steady hand, it’s only metaphorically soft, so excuse this moment.

A hard hand is when a player has no ace or counts it as 1. A soft hand is when the ace counts as 11. Because you can always back up and turn it into 1.

Blackjack card values in syndicate casino

Step 3: make a move

If you want to win a game, the value of your cards needs to either never exceed 21 points or be more than a dealer’s total count. If you get more than 21, you’re busted. Literally. “Busting” is when your total exceeds 21. By the way, did you know that blackjack is sometimes called 21?

When you have two first cards, you have a few options:

  • stand: you’re happy with the cards and need no more;
  • hit: ask the dealer for one more card;
  • surrender: a white flag moment;
  • double down: you double your bet and get only one draw card;
  • split: split a pair of like cards and play each as a separate hand (a free blackjack training tip: always split two eights).

Step 4: win a game

It’s always the same when you play blackjack online or in an offline casino. You need to beat the dealer. Not with a bat, but with a bet.

The dealer always makes a move after the players. A guy has no freedom of choice: hit if under 16, stand if 17 to 21. If he has more than 21 on hands, he is busted, you are the winner. If you have more than he has but less than 21, you are the winner again.

That’s basically it. You count the cards and try to outplay the dealer. A little bit of luck and mostly gambling skills which you can boost with our free blackjack trainer. A pieces of training and you own the game the same was mafia owns their business.


Loyd Pelto
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