Know your game: How to play craps

By Loyd Pelto
How to play craps

Playing craps is a pretty straightforward thing: roll the dice, count numbers, and get your prize. You, aiming for a Godfather in our online casino, with no doubt, can master such an easy-peasy game. However, if you want to master the game, you should know how it works, shouldn’t you? So here are a few things you should keep in mind to learn craps.

Craps rules: the very basics

Before we tell you some of the details of how to play craps like a real mafia gangster, let’s get familiar with the general idea of the game. It isn’t really a big difference in whether you play craps online or offline. It’s still the same game, just in a different environment. But you can play online wearing your favorite pajamas, which is a nice bonus. A mafia boss can afford to skip formal attire from time to time.

  1. You can play craps with a dozen of different betting options. Most of the games, though, are focused on the pass line bet.
  2. The bet on the pass line works when, you guessed it, you put a chip on a pass line. There are other places for the chip marked on the table, but this one is the most popular.
  3. The first roll is called the comeout, and it marks the start of the pass sequence.
  4. The winning numbers for the pass bettors are 7 and 11. The losing ones are 2, 3 or 12. If the roll sums up to any other number, it’s a point.
  5. If the comeout roll turns out to be a point, the shooter (the player who rolls, not the one who shoots guns) has to roll again. The goal, in this case, is to either roll the same number (which means a win) or to get a 7 (which is a loss).
  6. In case the shooter is lucky to get his point, he starts a new pass sequence with another comeout. Or gets a 7 and passes turn to another player.

That’s how to play craps in a few simple steps. The variations on betting are pretty different, and most of them are very obvious when you look at the table. The craps table is just a giant cheat paper on playing craps.

Now, let’s dive into details of craps rules:


  1. Number of dice

The craps is played with two standard six-sided dice. The number players bet on is the sum of the two sides facing up. They are always counted together and no one can bet on each separately. Unless you reach the Godfather level. That you can try to change the craps rules.

  1. Buying credits

When you play craps online, you usually start with making a deposit to secure your game. In an offline casino, you can either use chips you buy beforehand or simply use cash at the table. Be careful with cash, though: you must not hand it to a dealer. Always put it on the table. They’ll take care of your money.

  1. Table personnel

In a real-life casino, there is usually a crew of people who serve the craps table. The crew consists of four people: the boxman, the stickman, and two dealers. The dealer, well, deals and makes payoffs. The boxman leads the table and makes sure everybody follows the rules. And the stickman operates the dice. If you play online, you don’t care about it: a computer does everything automatically. 

  1. Betting

In craps online and offline you bet by placing chips on the corresponding table spot. Of course, in a real casino, you do it physically, while online, you click on a chip and on a table section you want to bet.

  1. Betting limits

Every game, online and offline, has a certain betting limit. It’s usually very visible so you won’t make a mistake. If you do, call your mafia crew, and suddenly the mistake is on their side.

That’s it. Simple and effective. Try it yourself in our online casino and make sure that to play craps and win is as easy as to wear a striped suit and look cool.



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