How to shuffle cards like a pro

By Loyd Pelto
Pro shuffling cards with Miquel Roman

A real gangster knows what to do with cards. It might help you to play in Poker, Baccarat or other card games, even if you don’t. Syndicate casino blog with Miquel Roman will teach you a few tricks on how to deal with cards like a professional dealer.

7 card shuffles to learn in a day

Watch the video and you will know how to do it.

1. The In-the-Hands Shuffle

Different ways to shuffle cardsYou have seen it performed by dealers and players, and most often by magicians. They particularly love this way to shuffle cards. Two halves of a deck riffle together and cascade from a bridge right in your hands with such a satisfying sound. The Riffle-Shuffle looks like pro shuffling but can be mastered in minutes if you know a few card shuffle tricks. The most important one is to pay attention to your fingers and thumb placing.

2. Classic Table Shuffle

Shuffling cardsThis one, well, is the classic one. And a classy one. Looks smooth, done easy, feels like you are no less than Don playing poker with his gangsters. Classic Table is a dealer shuffle, and most often, you can see it in casinos. It is done on a table surface, so cards shuffling is very visible, and it’s easier to spot any cheating. Again, divide a deck into two halves, place them on a table, and with a swift motion, make them riffle together.

3. Casino Table Cuts

This is a simple and elegant way to finish card shuffling. Table Cuts allows you to cut the pack a few times in a row to ensure all the cards are nicely shuffled.
This shuffle is so easy you can learn it in ten seconds. Hold a deck in one hand, pick up a bunch of cards from the top, and place it on the table. Repeat until all the cards are on the table. Well done, you’ve learned another way to shuffle cards!

4. Ribbon spread & Wave

Shuffling cards like a dealerThis is not a card shuffle but more of a pro trick. You can use it before shuffling cards to show everyone that the deck is full, and all cards are the same. Again, a cheat-proof method.
Put a deck on the table and with a broad gesture, line them in an arch in front of you. Works especially well with new sleeky cards and a smooth table surface. The secret to a pro move is the index finger placing.
But why stop halfway. Having spread the cards, you can now make a beautiful wave. The gangsters you play with will be impressed. Come on, turn a gambling movie on.

5. Long-side shuffle

If you think there is no way to look cooler, you will be surprised. The long-side shuffle is a very spectacular way to shuffle cards. And also a little bit messy and not as neat as a table shuffle, for example.
You are now almost as good as a casino dealer, so you know the first thing to do is to divide a deck in two. Then hold the cards in both hands, bend them and let them cascade on the table, creating a pile of messy-looking but well-shuffled cards. Collect them and start your winning series of poker.

6. Ben Wade

Different ways shuffling cards for begginersIf a previous one was a spectacular shuffle, Ben Wade is a very spectacular way to cut cards. Once you learn how to do it and do it quickly, you’ll be the center of attention at every casino table.
You should begin by separating three small sections of cards and placing them in a z-shape. Then with a sleigh of fingers, you can make them move in a way that’s almost hypnotizing. Entrance other players and you have won the game! But first, you better watch the video to learn.

7. One-card tricks

How to deal with cardsA couple of tricks with a single card, so not any person will doubt your card’s shuffling skill.
The first one is the pirouette. It looks very similar to spinning a ball on your finger, but this time you turn a card. Lay it flat on the tip of the finger and sent it spinning while waiting for the next player’s move.
If you are not afraid to reveal your cards, use twirl. This can be compared with a coin flipped between the fingers.
Now you understand how other people do it when they are following 4 simple steps in Blackjack.

So here are different ways to shuffle cards together with a couple of tricks to impress.

Loyd Pelto is happy working as an author because it helps gamblers make the right decision. He has been writing for ten years. His primary objective is to bring order to the online gaming business.

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