Most Important Symbols in Slot machines

The Most Important Symbols in Slot machines

Loyd Pelto
Loyd Pelto
Last Updated 24 December 2021

All modern slots have a set of different symbols. These are pictures that are applied to each cell of the drum. They can be very different: in the form of playing cards, fairy-tale characters, movie heroes, animated. It all depends on the developer’s imagination. But special symbols of slot machines are the most important.

Slot theme and symbols

You can play online slot machines today on our casino website or any virtual casino. Moreover, the choice of such games is incredibly wide. You can play classic slots with fruit pictures, or choose any modern slot on your preferred theme or your favorite manufacturer. Whichever slot machine is chosen, to win, the player needs to spin the reels and make prize combinations consisting of the same images.

Almost 90% of all winning combinations are made up of ordinary symbols, simply because they are represented in the majority.

As a rule, only a few special symbols are provided, and all other pictograms represent the usual symbols. With the help of such pictures, you can win cash prizes in different amounts, which depends on the type of winning combinations falling out. For example, prize sequences can consist of cheaper card tokens or high-paying themed pictograms. Also, winning chains can differ in the number of elements included in their composition.

Common symbols in online slot machines are often represented by two types of pictures:

  • The first type is the so-called thematic symbolism: pictures dedicated to the plot of a slot machine.
  • The second type is card symbols that have nothing to do with the main theme of slot machines and serve as an addition to thematic pictograms. It should be noted that both types of common symbols provide players with income if they match on active lines.

If three or more of the same card or thematic symbols fall on one of the active lines at once, this provides the opportunity to receive a monetary reward.

The payment amount is different in each case.

It depends, firstly, on the type of symbols that make up the prize combination, secondly, on the number of elements in the sequence, and thirdly, on the payout ratio for the combination and on the size of the bet on the line on which such a combination was formed. The higher the payout ratio and the bet on the played line, the larger the winnings will be.

The Most Important Symbols in Slot machines

The wild symbol

Important symbols of slot machines. Such symbols on the reels of a slot machine can replace another image to make a winning combination. Wild can appear in bonus games. Moreover, on some slot machines, the wild symbol appears more often on free spins.

In some slots, Wild drops out only on some lines. Also, symbols are capable of running in whole lines, giving great chances of winning.

Wild features:

  • Replacing other symbols and creating winning combinations;
  •  Makes other symbols wild on free spins;
  • Dropping out in whole stripes for good cash prizes.
  • Such special symbols appear quite often in the slot. The main thing is to get lucky.
The Most Important Symbols in Slot machines

Scatter – increased payouts and bonus games

This symbol is considered one of the brightest. Such slot machine symbols can increase the winnings and open bonus games. This requires a drop of 3 of these symbols in one spin.

The scatter launches free spins. If during the free spins three or more scatter symbols appear again, the number of free games increases. By the way, the scatter can bring winnings even without hitting the active line of the slot.

The symbols of slot machines are varied and interesting. If a special symbol appears during the spin, the player will receive additional opportunities to win. They are different on each slot.

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