Ultimate Mr. Cashman Slot Review for Australia and New Zealand

An Ultimate Mr. Cashman Slot Review for Australia and New Zealand

An Ultimate Mr. Cashman Slot Review for Australia and New Zealand

Mr. Cashman slot machine game by Aristocrat is a multi-stake video version with a built-in unique main feature. There are extra winning combinations that can appear when the unique yellow smiling symbol lands on the reels.

However, while you play, a set of free spins can also be triggered, and this is where you can win big payouts. Make sure that before you play, you already know your Mr. Cashman slot machine strategy.

If you want to know more about how it goes in New Zealand and Australia, read on to find out the best Mr. Cashman slot machine tips.

Slot Details in Australia and New Zealand

Mr. Cashman is a creation of Aristocrat with 5 reels and 20 paylines. It has an RTP of 92.3%, which is relatively lower than most online slots, but the game is very rewarding.

Mr. Cashman does not have a confusing persona, and he is absolutely perfect for the theme. There are 5 reels in this game, with bonuses that appear frequently, and a chance of bagging the jackpot. The main symbol is a gold coin wearing a top hat. He appears during the bonus rounds and on the logo of each game.

This is where a lot of players can trigger and win huge payouts, participate in bonus games, as well as offer bonus features. After that, you will understand why a lot of players love to play it for a long time and realize that this is very enjoyable.

Game Design

Since there are a lot of details and design variations, it all comes down to the theme you choose. It does not have the most modern graphics, but it looks better than some early generations by Aristocrat. There are bright graphics with bold colors, and happy electronic tunes when you win and enter the bonus rounds.


play mr cashman slot machine free

You will see a round, yellow, and smiling symbol that is looking down at the players inviting you to play pokies. If you are in Australia or New Zealand, the machines are normally listed together under a big sign with star decorations that surround the iconic symbol.

The reel symbols are arranged in a typical way, which means you will find 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A. Other symbols look like stock cartoon animals that have nothing to do with the functioning symbols. These characters include the angry bulldog, grinning cat, bird, dog policeman, and the dynamite.

The dynamite is the scatter symbol, which creates a winning combination and multiplies payouts. However, the dynamite is not related to the free spins.

How to Play Mr. Cashman Slot Machine for Real Money?

When you play the other 4 titles, you still get to play with 5 reels and 20 paylines, but you must expect to have an increase of 5 more credits when betting the maximum amount.

Of course, you can choose to activate any number of paylines, but those who play regularly, activate all of them. You will love the free spins and bonuses, but unlike the majority, they can be randomly triggered. There are no progressive jackpots.

Slot Features

Mr. Cashman is very popular and easily recognizable, his symbol says a lot about the theme. He has a simple yet effective character, and you will see it displayed within its target market. The game is visually engaging and fun, and you will come across the typical symbols by Aristocrat. You will see the playing cards, characters that include ducks, bulldogs, and a lot more. Most of the time, the character icons have the highest equivalent, and the playing cards have a slightly lower value.

A lot of the special features are randomly triggered. For instance, sometimes you can play Mr. Cashman slot machine free in New Zealand and Australia because of the extra spins you will receive with no extra cost. There is also a “pick one” style where you have the freedom to choose different rewards, matching bonus round, where you can win free spins or credits. There is even a feature where you can win money instantly when each spin ends.

Free Spins Bonus Round

Mr. Cashman is popular when it comes to having special features – of course, the famous icon is always included. Each game can earn you a lot of points if you are lucky, and winning big is already a hallmark of affordable and exciting games.

Perhaps, the best one among these bonus rounds is being given a chance to play a mini machine game within a larger one. If you trigger this feature, the star pulls the lever, and three reels will start to move, each one revealing a number. The numbers will say your prize, maybe you can even earn up to 999 coins.

Betting Range

Since it is a pioneer in penny slots, the titles start with $0.01, and the maximum is $1.00. That means players must cover $0.20 on the original machines. When increasing a bet, they would have to cover $0.25 if they are playing the updated version.


mr cashman slot machine game

There are many ways to win, and constant activity is important for these games. The majority of these wins are smaller. You must bet 25 coins in each spin for all the paylines, and win 30 to 100 coins for most of the winning combinations. Each game has its own best symbols, like the animals found in the African version pays up to 1000 coins if you get 5 of a kind.

There are wild symbols that help you have more wins by replacing the regular symbols. There are scatters, which give some of the biggest prizes. What you are going to find is that the top prizes come from bonus rounds, when there are multipliers that can increase your prizes up to 10x.

You can withdraw your payout through Visa, MasterCard, PaysafeCard, Skrill, and Neteller. To deposit, people usually use their Visa or MasterCard debit/credit card.


Mr. Cashman slot machine has a lot to offer players in Australia and New Zealand, and if you are still unsure, you can always try Mr. Cashman slot machine free before depositing real money.

This is a unique penny game that is both fun and rewarding because it is not your typical set-up.

Free Pokies Online Similar to Mr. Cashman

Similar pokies are Top Croc, Amazons Battle, Red Crane, and African Safari Slot.

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