Casino Bonuses: The Variety of Variants

Online Casino Bonuses: The Variety of Variants

Loyd Pelto
Loyd Pelto
Last Updated 12 November 2021
Many online casino websites try to grab the attention of players and convince them to keep using their services as soon as they register a real money account. Competing with each other, many casinos offer generous welcome and loyalty bonuses to their players in an attempt to attract new customers. Usually, online casinos offer a first deposit bonus, free spins, no deposit sign up bonus, cashback, and repeat deposit bonuses. These bonuses would be described in more detail below.

What is a casino bonus and how does it work?

Casino bonuses are used in order to boost the player’s winnings or cheer him up if things aren’t so well. They are always present in any online casino game. Here are described the different types of bonuses that you can meet, understand their mechanism, strategy for using them, and ultimately improve your skill and increase your winnings.

Deposit bonuses

Also known as the “Reload bonus” for regular players. Usually applies to video slots and table games and encourages the player to make a deposit. Deposit bonus is also sometimes called fixed, since its size strictly depends on a certain percentage of the deposited amount. Let’s give one more example: if the deposit bonus is 100%, then for the 100 € deposited into the account you will receive the same bonus and you will be able to play in the casino with a total amount of € 200.

Cashback Bonuses

It’s not as common as a deposit bonus. Its size is usually some amount of the loss. For example, if the cashback amount is 10%, then after the end of the promotion you will receive 10% compensation of the total amount of your lost bets. Cashback is good because it is charged in cash and is not subject to mandatory wagering. It’s not found in all casinos, so don’t miss it when you get the chance.

No Deposit Bonuses

It’s rather easy to get it. It is credited to the player during the registration of a new account at the online casino. It is usually paid out as a small amount, for example 5 €, although some casinos prefer to issue it with free spins. You can also find a no deposit bonus in various loyalty programs.

Extra Spins

The name speaks for itself: if you won 10 free spins in a particular slot game, the reels will start 10 times at the expense of the casino, and all the winnings will be credited to your gaming account. Usually, the number of free spins varies from 10 to 30. To calculate your winnings, you need to take into account the size of the bet and how many paylines have been selected. If, for example, you won € 0.50 for each free spin, your total winnings are € 5. If for 20 spins 0.25 € – again 5 €. The size of each Free Spin bet varies by casino and may also vary from slot to slot. So keep in mind that, for example, 20 casino free spins can have very different weights from casino to casino. As you can see, the free spins bonus can have a completely different meaning, which depends on their number, video slot, bet size and wagering requirements.

Reload Bonuses

Can be taken by regular players that you can receive by depositing funds into your account a second time and later. Usually, the more you play, the more bonus you can expect. Such a bonus is a good incentive for both regular players and those who do not play very often. For example at Syndicate casino you can get personal “Reload Friday Bonus” every Friday. “Reload Bonuses” are subject to wagering, so we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the offer.

Referral Bonuses

To get it the player has to invite his friend to the online casino, who must register and, as a rule, make the first deposit. As a result both players will receive a guaranteed reward.

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty programs are aimed at those players who regularly play at online casinos. Such customers can earn points for their deposits and bets, which can then be exchanged for bonuses. Of course, these kinds of programs are different, for example, the value of these bonus balls. However, in general terms, they are all similar. When choosing a casino, you should carefully study the offered loyalty programs. Good casinos value their players and do their best to make their programs attractive. For example, having collected a certain number of points, a player can become a VIP client and gain access to exclusive bonuses and prizes.

High-Roller Bonuses

It’s intended for those players who regularly deposit a large amount into their account. Such clients have a better percentage of each deposit and receive a larger bonus.

VIP Bonuses

The players must necessarily fulfill several conditions to use it. As a rule, access is obtained by the most devoted users who play their favorite games in the same casino. The options for VIP offers can be very different, each casino makes its own offers to players. Syndicate Australia Casino offers special VIP bonuses for their players, don’t miss your chance and get your reward on Syndicate.

Welcome Bonuses

To receive it, you just need to follow a couple of simple steps that will take less than a minute of your time. Register your personal gaming profile on Syndicate casino and replenish your account, and you will receive welcome bonuses to your account. Syndicate casino offers four types of welcome bonuses:
  • 125% bonus + 25 free spins * 8 days
  • 100% bonus
  • 75% bonus
  • 50% bonus
You can find more information on Syndicate casino website.

Mid-Week Bonuses

At Syndicate Casino no need to wait for weekends to get bonuses. Exclusive bonuses mid-week would definitely surprise you. These offers come via email.

Birthday Bonuses

If you entered real data in the account form and passed verification, you will definitely receive a bonus from the casino on your birthday. What could it be? It all depends on how active you were all year – how much you bet and win.

Exclusive Bonuses

The exclusive bonuses raise a lot of interest, and in most cases are tied to certain games. Exclusive bonus can be related to slot machines, board games or card games.  


1.What Is a Casino Bonus? Casino bonus is a reward that is used to attract players and help them get much higher income that was expected. 2.How Do Bonuses Work? Bonuses work for all the players on the same conditions. They can be changed up to the casino policy. 3.Which Types of Casino Bonuses Are There? In Syndicate casino can be found such types of bonuses as match, free spins, free money and wagering. 4.What Do I Need to Pay Attention To? In order to get the highest profit from the game a player has to follow all the classic terms and conditions of bonus policy. 5.Casino Bonus Tips and Strategy. There are a lot of strategies in order to get all the casino bonuses. But the main tip is to follow the conditions of the casino. 6.How Often Can You Get a Casino Bonus? Each bonus has individual conditions and it depends on the casino policy.
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