Online Gambling technologies in 2019

By Loyd Pelto
Cutting edge technology in Online Gambling

Online gambling is growing more popular with every passing week. New technologies in gambling let you take a shower and play whatever you want with an online casino.
Of course,  the biggest bottleneck is that you can play the top of casino games anywhere. Another advantage is that online gambling is dealing with innovation like a VR casino, augmented reality, the highest video resolution and so on. It’s such a big world outside where you can win money online! Let’s take a look at the gambling tech magic in 2019 that are forming the future of online casino.

The trendiest avatar with Face ID

One of the most popular trends in 2019 that affects online gambling is the use of Facial Recognition. 3D scanner and Intel’s RealSense camera like a mirror may create a video image with your face. Furthermore, you can create a user avatar with your micro-facial expressions to play new casino games. Just imagine, that photo can be useful in different games online and you’ll feel yourself even closer to the online casino. So now it’s possible to develop games that can adapt to the facial expression and recognition of each gambler. That’s impressive!

Don’t touch your laptop – do use gesture recognition

Gesture recognition technology, known as Intel RealSence, allows you to interact with your controller without actually touching it. Yes, a 3D camera knows about you more information than your wife. The whole 22 points on your hand can be tracked by the tech-magic. So you can try to make a move or waves to your favorite game. It’s an unusual sensation, isn’t it?

Learn to play with Voice recognition

Cutting edge technology in Online Gambling
Do you remember Siri or similar assistants? Today it has finally arrived at online gambling indeed. Now you can use voice commands to control many aspects of casino gaming. For example, you can talk with the croupier or bluff in poker with your voice. Interact with online casino easily than you have expected.

Augmented reality is more interesting

It’s actually better than virtual reality ‘cause It affects everything. The seemingly impossible reality is turning into an illusion of reality. Online slots and American roulette can be powered by AU and VR. And right now, you may feel like you’re listening different sounds in a live casino and dealer began walking up through the screen. Here you are sharing a sit with a really beautiful woman and can fully dive into a gambling world. Of course, It takes time for online casinos to bring that, but we can safely say Augmented reality is the future of online casinos. That’s a paradise for a new gambling experience.

5G mobile internet with rocket’s speed

With 5G internet technology lets you savor download speeds that are much faster ( from to 20 times) than we may reach with 4 G. There is no doubt that 5G provides plenty of benefits for online gamblers to enjoy casino games in VR.
When 5G is fully implemented, It will eliminate delays. With magic-tech, the response time can be less than one millisecond. So online players will be able to play blackjack in 4 simple steps. The sooner online casinos provide their players with VR headsets, the faster the gambler’s dream with the phenomenal speed will be realized.
All cutting edge casino technologies here will create a new experience in the history of online gambling. For true gamblers who adore playing at the casino online, this is a fresh and exciting step in the gambler’s world.


Loyd Pelto has been involved in the online gambling news industry for more than ten years, having worked for such websites as Loyd enjoys writing about exciting advances in the gambling world!

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