Situation with Macau casinos

By Loyd Pelto

The arrival of visitors to Macau after quarantine weakened, return of traffic to casinos

Macau is benefiting from Guangdong Province, which abolishes mandatory 14-day quarantine for people returning from the play center.

The arrival of Macau Casino Visitors 

Tourists are gradually starting to return to Macau after Guangdong eased entry restrictions.

The director of the Macau State Tourism Administration, Maria Helena de Senna Fernandez, said Friday that the Special Administrative Region of China (SAR) receives about 2,000 tourists a day. This has been the time since Guangdong lifted its demand for isolation in the enclave. The Macau Bureau of Statistics and Census reported that only 16,133 people visited atS in May. Figures for June will be published on July 20.

While Fernandez’s comments indicate that Macau’s tourism industry – the region’s economic engine – is starting to restart, there is still a long way to go before COVID-19 levels are tested. 

Recovery mode

Macau received 39.4 million visitors in 2019. The number of participants increased by 10 percent compared to 35.8 million visitors in 2018, and the number of people who visited a decade ago in 2009 was 82 percent.

Mainland China is the place from which most visitors to Macau. Forty-six percent of visitors last year came from Guangdong.

While Guangdong residents are freer to come and go to Macau, health security measures remain in place, which is expected to continue to hamper the enclave’s casino.

Anyone who tries to enter a casino must show proof that they recently had a negative test for COVID-19. Non-invasive body temperature checks are also carried out, and patrons must complete a health assessment form claiming that they are doing well and have not had contact with anyone.

Macau’s public security police expect an increase in tourist numbers this weekend after a softening of the cross-border policy of Macau-Guangdong. All persons arriving in Macau must present proof of a recent negative test or be tested at the border gate.

Macau health officials say they can currently test 5,000 people a day. However, they said they could increase this capacity to 16,000 daily tests if necessary.

Staff tests

Macau is positioning itself as a “safe city” and part of this campaign requires all casino employees to pass a nucleic acid test to determine whether they can be positive for coronavirus.

Workers at the forefront – those on the casino floors – began testing last week.

Testing for viruses is carried out in exhibition halls or ballrooms ” at casino resorts, explained a representative of the Macau Gaming Rights Association, a union representing employees of the gaming and hospitality industries.

Each of the six licensed casino operators is responsible for conducting the tests.

Union Gaming specialist John DeCree says players are on their way.

“Guangdong and Hong Kong deemed as local markets for Macau, and as travel restrictions ease, we expect a surge in deferred demand,” DeCree said. “While the negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test and health requirements create some noticeable consumer friction, the weakened border restrictions should facilitate additional visits and, ultimately, GGR for Macau – marking the first step to recovery after three months with little or no income”

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