guide for begginer’s luck

Slots guide for begginer’s luck

Loyd Pelto
Loyd Pelto
Last Updated 24 December 2021

How slots work

Three easy actions: bet, spin and win! It used to be so simple back in the days. Today slot machines have more elements to them and that made the game more entertaining. For you not to get lost in all the flashing cherries, we composed this complete online slots guide.

What is a slot machine

Old good slot machines gave you just one chance to win: there were three reels and one horizontal payline only. Today we have much more to expect from a game than three dollar signs lining up together. Modern slot machines can have up to five reels and multiple ways to get the money. So here are the core elements of a slot machine.

Everything you should know about slots
Everything you should know about slots

Symbols: Images and icons you can see on a reel. The rarer the symbol, the more value it has. Reels: A set of symbols that spins vertically and where symbols appear randomly once stops. You can usually see five reels when you play online slot. Payline: A winning sequence of images that goes through all the reel, usually from left to right. One slot machine can have various payline paths. Paytable: It is your cheat sheet of the game: a table of all the winning paylines and combinations as well as the amount of money you can win. Look carefully, so you don’t miss anything!

Everything you should know about slots

Coin Value and Bet Level buttons that you can use to set your bet and the amount of your take for a spin. Spin button:  Well, it does exactly what it claims. You push the button, and the reels start moving. You can also sometimes use an autospin with a set time to respin slots with no effort.

How to win slots

To gather one of the combinations a slot machine has, it’s that easy. Combinations usually include three or more symbols that line up a certain way across the reels. Your prize depends on how full is the combination you get. Paylines do not necessarily go horizontally only, and the more variations the machine has, the more chances you have to win.

Everything you should know about slots

There are two main ways to read the payline:

Everything you should know about slots

From left to right: This is a typical way to play slots. You win if the symbols collect in a сombination starting from the left side.

Play fruits shops slot from left to right.

Both ways: It is a rarer way to count, but many slot machines use it as well. In this case, you can win with a сombination that starts from either the left or right side.

Play wonky wabbits slot with this type of win. 

More features of the slots game

To make the game even more exciting than it already is, many slots have extra features. These features boost your chances of getting your pockets filled with money.

Everything you should know about slots

Random Wilds: This feature brings up a regular wild symbol with random periods and spots on the reels.

Gamble: Oh, this is a feature you’ll love. It allows you to have the prize multiplied on a specific spin by meeting a said condition.

Bling Reels: When you have your winning combinations awarded, the winning signs vanish from the screen. Symbols above them drop down, creating new lines and new combinations.

Respin: As it says, you can respin the slots to complete the combination. The reels you want to stay will be locked. But again, in different slots, it has variations.

Free Spins: Once you have a specific symbol, you have time to spin the wheel for free! Usually, the prize is also bigger than the average.

Everything you should know to know about slots

Multiplier: Usually, It works together with tumbling reels. You can multiply your prize when you have a sequence of winning combinations happen.

The wild game

No online slots guide is full without mentioning the wilds in the game. They make your game so much funnier. There are several ways you can have them when you play slots.

Regular wilds: Regular wild signs appear instead of any other symbol on the screen. Once you have one, it’s easier to get a winning payline as wild can be included in a combination with any other symbol.

Play reel rush slot with regular wilds.

Everything you should know about slots

Expanding Wilds: That’s wilds on steroids. When it appears, it grows and takes all the slots on one reel. It boosts your chances to win just incredibly. Play starbust slot with expanding wilds.

Stacked Wilds: If expanding wilds take all the reel, stacked include two (sometimes more) wild symbols which go one after the other on the same reel. Depending on a slot machine type, you can have them either on every reel or on a specific one. Play wild turkey slot with stacked wilds. 

Walking Wilds: Once it appears, it moves from a reel to a reel consequently as the player respins slots. When it reaches the last reel, it vanishes, usually leaving you with a great prize.

Play the invisible man slot with walking wilds. 

For the experienced

If you feel you understand the basics, here’s a little bit more about playing slots.

Everything you should know about slots

Hit frequency: It’s a number that shows you how often the winning combinations appear on a particular slot machine. Eg. 20% means two out of ten spins will earn you a prize.

Payback rate: It is measured in percentages and shows how much a machine gives back to all players. The payback rate is usually around 90-99%.

It was our slots guide on how to understand and play the game.


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