The Price is Right: Game with a Theme of a Popular Show

By Loyd Pelto
The Price Is Right Slot

The Price is Right Slot Game derives its theme from the popular show of the ’70s sharing the same name. Gaming Realms, the game developer, gets the entire credit for providing players such a fantastic platform to play. You need to get the symbols right, which triggers enormous bonuses for you. You get the rewards in terms of real cash wins. With three reels plus one pay line, the game enjoys straightforward graphics with an elegant yet colorful design. The symbols have the silver frame having glitter in the background that many players find lucrative. The game facilitates betting across a wide range. The bet ranges between 1.00 to 100.00 per round, and each bet gives you five spins implying five chances to collect the same symbols.

Steps to Play and Win on the Price Is Right Slot Game

It is easy to begin playing the game to try your luck. You need to place the bet and click on the spin button. Instead of offering you one spin per bet, the game offers you five wheels for a single chance. You do not have to form a line of similar symbols, but you have to collect them each time you spin to fill in the relevant boxes containing the same symbol’s image. After you get five symbols at the same time, you can trigger the bonus. Another way to begin the sign is by getting three same characters on the pay line in 1 spin. As soon as you place the red Master Key symbol in its place, 24 cards reflect in front of you, which uncover each time you click on them. The key you collect might be a perfect match for three locks, and if you unlock the reward, it shall be yours. While a standard key opens just one wave, the master key can unlock all the locks.

Features that Make the Game Unique and Fun

Bonuses and Rewards
If you want to trigger the bonus, you need to match symbols to fill in the series of boxes present above the reels. As the game progresses, players get to climb the mountains, and with each passing step, you get to claim rewards. You need to pick the playing cards to fetch the keys that can unlock cash prizes. There are umpteen other opportunities also to find tips in the magic boxes. If you desire to earn top payouts, you need to match numbers.

Cliff Hanger Bonus

To activate the bonus, you need to move up the slope containing the number. The upward movement depends on the number that you get on spinning in a set of three reels. The number on each spin appears at the bottom of the screen. The guide gives you suggestions over the 9 step move to help you collect the winnings when it is best for you.

Plinko Round

A pink $ symbol is a key to opening the Plinko round, leading you to the playing chips. You collect the chips in a Plinko or pegboard game and collect the wins as per the position where the chips land.

Half-Off game

You can pick from cards in the Half-Off game and reveal several boxes that you can line up across different rows. The card uncovers the remaining boxes leaving one where you can find the cash rewards.

Simple Game Offering Huge Wins

Though all and sundry can try their luck at the game, the gamers and high rollers are the ones who benefit the most. The game’s decent graphics allow you to explore The Price is Right Slot Game even if you are not tech-savvy. If you like this slot, you will enjoy such slots as Sure Win Slot or Space Gem Slot.

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