Wild Panda Slot Review: A Popular Asian-Theme Game

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Wild Panda slot machine app is one of Australia’s most popular slot machines, the mastermind behind which is Aristocrat. On the background, you will see bamboo. It is the favorite food of pandas. The games’ focus revolves around wildlife, nature, and foremost things to the Chinese culture. With 100 pay lines, 5 reels of 4 symbols, each hosting them, the game successfully glues the player. Primary weapons of the game include free games, wilds, and the scatter symbol. The Wild Panda Slot machine app employs traditional symbols, including pagodas, Ching golden coins, umbrellas, ruans (Chinese guitar), and koi fish.

Slot Details And Specifications Of The Game

The Wild Panda Slot machine free download runs on the Aristocrat software and has 94.36% RTP. The game’s volatility serves as a measurement unit to determine the quantity of risk that pokie carries and show that it’s minimal.

Stupendous Layout And Design Of Wild Panda Game Design

Many other games revolve around Panda slots. The game enjoys an aesthetically appealing design that does not fail to impress almost all the players. This layout contrasts with plenty of Aristocrat slot machines that fail to charm the players with their plan. You can see a bamboo forest in the background that comes with a red layer on the extreme top, lending it an ominous appearance. The idea also comes with a reason, which is saving the endangered Panda. It also inspires the players to volunteer and saves the endangered species. The reels have a yellowish eggshell color containing playing cards as well as icons deriving inspiration from China. The latter includes components like bamboo plants, goldfish, Chinese castles, lotus flowers, and even pandas.

Symbols And Their Implication While Playing Wild Panda

To play the free game efficiently and productively, you must be aware of its uses. Following are some popular symbols you need to know:

The Gold Coin refers to 200 times the total wager while the castle and Goldfish imply 1750 coins, respectively. Umbrella means that you have 5 hundred coins in hand, and 50  coins if it is a Bamboo plant. Musical Instrument and Lotus Plant indicate two hundred and one-fifty coins while King, Queen, Jack, Ten, and Nine are the 100 coins’ indicators.

Tips To Play Wild Panda Slot To Win Awards

While playing the Wild Panda Slot machine free game, playing card symbols appear with P, A, N, D, A on top with P letter occurring only on the first reel, A on the second and fifth, N and D the third and fourth reel. Umbrella means that you have 500 coins in hand and 50 coins if it is a Bamboo plant. The motive behind this is to complete prize combos while playing the free play round. Not only this, but panda symbols can also create diverse winning combinations giving the following payouts: five wilds equal to 2000 coins, four pay 1000 coins, and three pay 500.

Stunning Slot Features You Need To Be Aware Of

Be it how players can place the bets, the way they cover the lines, or heading towards the PANDA alphabets to avail the spins free of cost, the Wild Panda Slot machine free game does everything in unique gameplay.

  • Players can benefit from wilds and scatters on their journey while playing the game.
  • Some playing cards contain a letter on top. In other words, the reel comes with a diverse letter engraved on top of them. If you get 5 reels with a letter on top and put them together, you can spell PANDA.
  • The Gold Coin scatter symbol triggers some appreciable and stunning prizes and multiplies the total bet to 200 times. However, to access this, you require at least 3 or 5 symbols scattered around the reels.
  • Mostly the cards containing the symbol on top are King, Queen, and Jack.
  • If you are fortunate to get the PANDA simultaneously, you can play around with 5 free spins.
  • Symbols that have PANDA words find employment as wilds during the free spin play. These can result in nearly 2000 payouts. Also, these act as a substitute for regular symbols.
  • One notable aspect is that you cannot get the free spins again and again.

Enjoy The Stunning Free Spins Bonus Round

The best payout that the game offers is in the duration of free spins where you can win around 2000 coins and 5 wilds, which is worth $2000.

An Amazing Betting Range That a Game Offers

The Wild Panda Slot machine app features one coin for 2 lines, which is one feature that many people appreciate. This access means that the game allows you to employ 50 coins to enjoy 100 lines. The coins available for use vary between 0.01 USD to 1 USD. As far as the coin value is concerned, you can use 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 for 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 lines. You can receive these awards in the so-called base game range from 1000 coins to about $1000. The maximum bet that you can make can be $50. Other than this, you are free to bet for 10, 20, 30, or 40 coins.

Wild Panda Slot Payouts To Glue You To The Game

  • Base Game

You can win a payout of around $1000 while playing the base Wild Panda Slots.

  • Free Spins

In the case of free spins, you get to win a top payout of about $200

The Game Is Worth You Time And Effort

Your love for Panda’s pleasing looks may hook you up to play the game endlessly with such minimal features that the base game offers. With an opportunity to explore a hundred lines, the probability of winning and filling your pockets tends to be high. Needless to say, this game has set up its own fan base due to its user-friendly UI.

Free Pokies Online Serving As Alternative To Wild Panda

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