Casino Loyalty Points

As you are a member of our Familia each your real money bet counts toward earning the credits, commonly known as comp points. The higher your status the more credits you earn for the same amount of bets, so push it hard to progress the next level.

How to use credits?

1. Go to the Balance tab of your profile page.

2. Scroll down to the Comp points section.

3. Choose the designated currency and enter amount of points to convert.

4. Click on “Exchange” button and have fun playing with your bonus!

Just note that minimum amount of credits (comp points) to convert is 100.
Bonus is credited with the wagering amount only x10.

What is what?

1. Credits: available amount of credits (comp points) to exchange to bonus money.
2. Currency: choose the designated currency you wish to convert your credits to.
3. Points: type the amount of credits (comp points) you wish to convert.
4. Click on “Exchange” button to complete the action.