Play Sic Bo Slot Machine By BGaming Online

Sic Bo is an old and popular game played in most of the land-based and online casinos. Although this Chinese Ancient game is not available in many European countries, gladly, it can be easily found in Aussie casinos. It is an extremely fun game to play, so read on!

General Information

Historically, this game was played using bricks with numbers on both sides, but soon, the bricks were replaced with six-faced dice. When Chinese immigrants introduced this game to the people of North America, they loved it. This is what inspired BGaming to launch the Sic Bo online casino. Although the pokie might seem a bit complex in the beginning, once you get your hands on it, you will get accustomed to the gameplay soon.

Gameplay and Theme - H3

The theme of the pokie is based on dice games. The gameplay is carried on a table using three dices. All you need to do is place one or more stakes on the bet options available on the table. Once the stakes are placed, the dices are put in a cylindrical vessel and are shaken well. You will be paid according to the spot you choose on the table. Therefore, both the gameplay and the theme are worth giving a try!

How to Play the Sic Bo Slot Machine Online and Win?

You can easily play this game and grab huge wins once you understand the gameplay well. The step-to-step guide of playing Sic Bo is as follows:

  • Place Your Bet: You will have to put chips on the desired results to place your bet. Make sure you check the complete list of bets and their outcomes. You can bet on as many outcomes as you wish but be careful not to stake on outcomes that have chances to contradict each other.
  • Roll the Dice: You will have to click on the ‘roll’ button to roll the dice. There are a few versions where you can take the help of a live dealer to roll the dice.
  • Collect Your Winnings: In case you are lucky enough to grab a win, collect your winnings. Now, you can use these winnings to place new bets and continue enjoying the game.

Sic Bo Strategy

There are a few Sic Bo strategies mentioned below that you must know to win the game in a faster and better way:

  • Although you can choose any position for betting on the table, you must pick the position smartly.
  • You must behave like a responsible gambler while playing the slot.
  • It is always smart to place multiple stakes. By multiple bets, we do not mean a huge number of bets. The multiple stakes must be placed in a way that the outcomes complement each other to reduce the risk of losing money.

Slot Tips

Some Sic Bo tips that you must follow while signing up for a casino are as follows:

  • First, find a casino that offers this pokie and create an account on that portal.
  • Read their software document to understand the game better.
  • Choose a secure deposit method like PayPal or Neteller.
  • Take advantage of the bonus offered by the casino to earn free money.
  • Stay away from big numbers.
  • Know the outcomes well before betting.

Slot Machine RTP and Limits

The RTP of the slot is 97.22%, which makes it a medium volatile slot. The minimum bet range is 1, and the maximum bet range 100. Therefore, it provides much flexibility!

Free Spins and Bonuses

There is no such free spins bonus round in this pokie. However, certain slots provide a welcome bonus where you can get free cash for starting the game.


This pokie is played on a table, therefore, there are no reels or paylines in the slot.


The payout table of the pokie depends on the outcome as given below:



Small (between 4 and 10)


Big (between 11 and 17)


Specific triples


Any triples


Double combination


Specific sum

6:1 to 62:1

Single dice

1:1 (1 dice), 2:1 (2 dices), 3:1 (3 dices)

How Much Can You Win?

For the best stake, you can win a 2.78% edge house, which is quite splendid. The payouts on triples are also impressive. The amount that you can win depends hugely on what outcome you choose to stake on.

How to Play Sic Bo Slot Machine Online Real Money Australia?

To play Sic Bo online for real money in Australia, make sure you find a casino provider that offers this casino, study the user interface properly, and follow our above-mentioned strategies and tips on how to win Sic Bo.

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