Moon Princess Slot Machine by Play n Go

We would recommend Moon Princess to anyone that is passionate about anime and the Japanese style. However, that would not be fair for this video slot, because there is far more to it than just the design. We will recommend it because it has insane payouts and every engaging graphics that will make the gaming experience immersive. Another very important feature that the guys at Plan n Go have managed to achieve is using the entire screen to play out their slot. The controls bare reminiscence to anime style as well, and the left side is also ornated with oriental style design.

General Information

The basic game is engaging enough due to the sublime graphic, but where things get really interest is once you manage to score a bonus or free spins. In the free spins function, you will be greeted with one of the highest paying single bonus rounds available online. The game was so popular a few years back that everyone streaming on Twitch was playing Moon Princess. It sadly received an RTP nerf just because everyone was winning all the time.

Gameplay and Theme

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The gameplay draws heavily from Japanese culture and mixes anime with the adrenaline you get from getting a large win. The theme consists of the exploits of three different moon princesses that have unique special abilities. Each princess will appear when there are no wins on the reel, and magically turn a spin that yielded no win into a possible huge cashout.

These powers will also be on the full display during the mini-games that will start playing as soon as the Trinity bar is filled to the brim. All three princesses will perform their abilities simultaneously, which can turn into a huge win.

How to Play Moon Princess Online?

When Moon Princess came out a few years ago, it was all the rage. Being one of the unique video slot games even to the present day, it is no surprise that it can be found on any casino online. The cascade function is what draws players again and again while offering hefty payouts.

Moon Princess RPT and Limits

As with most Netent releases, you can expect one of the highest RTP’s available online. And Moon Princess is no exception, sitting at an appealing 96.4% RTP. The high RTP, coupled with free spins and insane multipliers make a very satisfying gambling experience.

The limits range from 0.2 coins per spin and can go up to 100 coins. You can select the coin value by clicking on the bottom left of the screen.

Free Spins and Other Bonuses

When and if you manage to clear the entire grid of symbols, you will have triggered the free spins feature. Once triggered, you will be required to offer your input regarding the number of free spins with their corresponding multiplier. Just as with many other video slots, the less spins you go for, the higher the multiplier will be. The choice won’t be easy to make, but we suggest that on the first trigger, you go for the highest possible multiplier even if you will only receive 4 free spins.

The second bonus can be triggered if you fill up the Trinity bar. As we mentioned before, if you do trigger the bonus, you will be greeted by the three Moon Princesses that will make sure that you walk away with a prize regardless of what was initially present on the screen.


As if the theme and general vibe of the game were not enough to attract players, the guys from Play n Go have also made all its lines pay. If you have the same symbol 3 times in a row, you will actually get a win.

The Highest Payout

One of the features that make this game clearly stand out is the fact that you can win up to 500,000 coins.


Gamblers that aren’t very familiar with the anime style might stay away from this video slot. However, that will bet their loss, because the payout for Moon Princess is amazing. You will be rewarded with three different bonus featured that are quite frequent and a somewhat rare free spin feature. The free spin feature will make your winnings explode, so it’s well worth the wait.