Canasta Card Game Overview & Basic Setup for Australia and New Zealand

By Loyd Pelto
Canasta Card Game Free

Card game Canasta online is an exciting game to be played in teams. 4 players can enjoy in groups of 2 and score the highest points to win the game. Basic Canasta card game free rules in New Zealand and Australia suggest that players can make points by creating melds. Melds are the set of cards having the same value. In this game, 2’s and jokers act as a wild card while the red 3’s are played instantly for scoring bonus points.
If there’s a black 3 on the top of the pile discarded, players cannot pick it up. It is possible to meld black 3’s only when the player holds all of them in hand. To form a canasta, the players need to win at least 7 melds. Any of the teammates cannot empty all cards until their team has a specific number of canastas.

Card Game Canasta in Australia and New Zealand: General Rules

Are you planning for a canasta card game download? Before that, it is vital to know about the card game canasta, gameplay, and rules.
Deck and Dealing – Players use two standard card decks and a specific set of jokers to begin the game. Every felt gets dealt with the 15 cards, and the remaining ones will stay in the draw pile as the face-down.
Play – Canasta card game free download in Australia and New Zealand begins when the top card from the draw pile stays face up to start with the discard pile. Each player draws a card from the draw pile to begin the game. Then, they either form a meld or lay it off.
Objective – Creating a group of melds and stacking them in front of the table is the main objective. Cards with the same value-form melds. Teams create melds collectively and lay them off on the table. Now you know about card game canasta and how to play.
Other canasta card game rules for dummies are:

  • After each turn, the player should discard one card from their hands and put it in the discard pile.
  • First meld made by a team in any round consists of a specific value meld which gets determined by the team’s current score.
  • Jokers and two’s in the game are the wild cards. They cannot create melds but can act as other card values to form melds.

Variations in Free Canasta Card Game!

Do you want to play Canasta card game in New Zealand or Australia with a variation? The number of canastas to win the game can differ from 1,2,3 or even 5.
Players can add or remove the jokers in the card deck from 2 to 4. You can also eliminate them.

Summing Up

Where to buy a Canasta card game? You can easily play this fascinating game with a standard 52-Cards deck or opt for the free Canasta card game download in Australia and New Zealand. Start with the free games, and then play online with friends to score and win points!

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