Pokies Online – Play in Australia and New Zealand

Free Pokies Online – Play in Australia and New Zealand

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Loyd Pelto
Last Updated 25 November 2021

If the user wants to play free pokies online, then he should pay attention to the demo game. But everyone should take into account that this game will not bring profit. The demo mode was created with the aim of players learning to play slot machines, developing an individual strategy, and just getting used to the virtual club.

The free pokies are available to every visitor from New Zealand and Australia without exception. To play demo games, the user does not need to register and enter their data. This is a great opportunity to practice, get to know all the pokies better, develop tactics, and try them out in practice. After the free version, the player can move on to a more serious money game.

Naturally, only adults can play in a demo mode, as well as for money. Of course, the casino employees cannot check this moment because the user does not register and does not enter his passport and payment information. But, playing in this way, a casino visitor cannot replenish his account and withdraw money. Such a game is intended solely for entertainment or gaining experience for further serious gambling.

Free Pokies: Why Play Online in Australia and New Zealand?

Anyone can play New Zealand or Australian pokies online free. Many users like this version of the game because of the following advantages:

  • No need to register – the player will not waste time on registration, coming up with a login, password, but will immediately start the game itself.
  • Without deposit – most people do not trust virtual sites, so they do not want to replenish their account and indicate their bank card number.
  • No need to enter personal data – when playing pokies, the player does not need to provide his passport data and answer other questions.

Thus, by visiting the site, you can immediately start playing without worrying that you may lose your money. But, as it was already mentioned, such a game will not be profitable. This is just entertainment without investment, which is often used by novice gamblers.

Types of Free Pokies Online

The preferences of the players with regard to free pokies games in Australia and New Zealand are very different: some casino fans prefer classic slots, others enjoy modern ones, the rest look for progressive jackpot pokies. The most common types are:

Classic Pokies

Classic pokies work just like the mechanical slot machines you know from real gambling halls. These games usually have 3 reels and 1 to 5 paylines, on which the associated symbols must appear.

Classic slots are the best place to start for players looking for free pokies no downloads no registration: they are less complex than video slots, but still offer great odds and great gaming experience. The selection of classic pokies is huge and includes thousands of titles. For fans who have gambled in “real” slots so far, these pokies are perfect and can be played for free to get started.

3-Reels Pokies

The 3-reel pokies games are also called one-armed bandits or classic machines. The first such games appeared in England in 1887, when there were no online casinos at all. Despite the new technology, many modern gamblers prefer to play 3-reel slots in online casinos. Typically, these machines look pretty simple. The icons that you can see on the screen of such games are quite common – fruits, berries, and other classic images. But it must be emphasized that modern 3-reel pokies can be different. There are also very unusual games of chance of this type that contain themed bonus games and special symbols such as scatter or wild. Many 3-reel games are progressive jackpot ones.

5-Reel Pokies

The modern 5-reel pokie games are really very diverse. They are also called video pokies. Such games are very common in most online casinos. They can be very different. Some look ordinary, and others are real masterpieces with the beautiful graphics that every gamer will love. The modern 5-reel pokies can be divided into the following categories: slot machines with and without bonus rounds, and slot machine games with and without progressive jackpots. While there are many different features in pokies free, these features are probably the most essential.

Jackpot Pokies

Jackpot pokies are slot machines that promise very high profits. A distinction is made between regular slot machines and progressive ones. The jackpots of regular pokies always have the same maximum win – regardless of how many rounds are played.

Progressive jackpot pokies work on a different principle: As soon as the player makes a bet, part of it flows into a common pot, and so the jackpot increases steadily until it is cracked. In contrast to slot machines with regular jackpots, the jackpots on the progressive pokies can even count a few million dollars.

Progressive jackpot slots are mostly networked together. If several online casinos offer the same pokie, the stakes of all players from all participating casinos flow into the jackpot, which is then also available in all these casinos. The merger enables players to win these huge jackpots.

3D Pokies

This category focuses on modern and high-tech pokies in 3D technology. Even though the classic slot machines are still popular, 3D games are steadily climbing up the ladder of success.

3D pokies usually have an exciting plot, incredible graphics, and fantastic music. You may feel like in the real world. Casino 3D slot games also grab attention with a whole range of special effects, as all symbols in the game are animated. You will penetrate time and space, get a lot of positive emotions about traveling by sea, or going to the cinema, or doing a lot of other things.

Advantages of Playing Free Pokies

Why are free online pokies Australia and New Zealand so popular now? Because they can boast of the following advantages:

  1. The player does not need to waste time on the road because in order to visit the virtual casino, it is enough just to turn on the computer and have an Internet connection.
  2. If the visitor does not want to play for money or is just getting acquainted with the world of virtual games, then he should pay attention to the demo modes. The free games pokies also contain popular flash games that can bring good profit in the future.
  3. A huge assortment of pokies, so the user does not have to be limited to a few games.
  4. You can top up your account in any convenient way. This is another main advantage of online casinos because the consumer can control their expenses by replenishing the account with a small amount.
  5. Fast deposits and withdrawals.
  6. Bonuses. Unlike land-based establishments, virtual clubs provide excellent bonuses. They are issued for almost every action, for example, for registration, when replenishing a deposit, for referring a friend, and so on.

Best Providers for Free Pokies in Australia and New Zealand

Almost all major gaming software providers offer free pokies games online. Recognizable manufacturers try to create the best products, attracting the maximum number of customers. Among the leaders are:

  • NetEnt. The company’s products are unique, and all pokies are created from scratch. The manufacturer NetEntertainment produces not only traditional video slots but also roulettes (more than 15 variants), several types of blackjack. Most games are characterized by medium to high volatility.
  • Yggdrasil. The company launched its products relatively recently but has already been able to please gamblers with more than one dozen excellent games. The assortment additionally includes several card games, as well as roulette.
  • EvoPlay. The developer offers a wide range of certified gaming software for licensed casinos. The catalog includes roulettes, craps, card games, scratch tickets, and traditional reel machines.
  • Microgaming. It is the largest provider in the world with high-quality software products, which are present nearly in all top online gambling clubs.

All the favorites presented have firmly fixed their own positions among the best. They constantly offer new online pokies without money and registration, which further increase the loyalty of users and customers of certified gaming software.

Free Pokies vs. Real Money

free pokies games for fun

Each of these regimes has the right to life. Free pokies games for fun in New Zealand and Australia will help you master a new device and come up with an individual strategy for the game, as well as give you the opportunity to have a pleasant rest without risk. Pokies for money will help improve not only the financial situation, but also increase the level of adrenaline in the blood. Here you can try your luck and become a rich man in a matter of seconds, or you can lose a large amount of money irrevocably. It’s up to you to choose. Perhaps you are the lucky one who is destined to break the casino’s main prize.

Free Pokie Games for Mobiles No Download

Mobile slot games are the ultimate kick in online gambling. It is easy these days to go to the casino page and get started right away – whether at the bus stop, during your lunch break, or during a train ride.

You usually don’t need to do much to get a free pokies app on your phone or tablet. Most gaming portals now offer mobile versions of their casinos that can be called up properly in the browser. Only in a few cases does the provider also offer a downloadable free pokies app for Android or iOS in Australia and New Zealand. It can ensure that games start faster and that deposits or registration are quicker, sometimes also by fingerprint.

Video pokies with complex graphics, however, require a fast and stable internet connection as well as a modern device, for example, with Windows, Android, or iOS operating systems.

Play Free Pokies Online on Your Mobile & Tablet

Now if you want to play pokies for free, just follow these simple steps:

  • Select a suitable provider from the list of the best casinos 2021.
  • Find free pokies: Check out the casino. Is your favorite game available? If you are looking for something new, the online gambling hall of your choice is sure to have helpful categories into which the slot machines have been sorted, e.g., classic, popular or new slots. To play for free, simply click on the corresponding pokie and, if necessary, on “Demo” or “Practice”.
  • Registration: Of course, most casinos do not require you to register to play for free. Nevertheless, we recommend registering if you like a provider because this way you can later easily switch to playing for real money and also take the chance of real money winnings.

Learn Free Pokies Common Terms

Here are some concepts and terms used in online pokies:

  • A gambler is a person who plays slots;
  • Reels are vertical “rotating” lines in pokies, their number ranges from 3 to 9;
  • Spins – rotations of the reels;
  • Symbols – pictures located on the reels. There are both common and special game symbols;
  • The wild symbol is a symbol that can replace another one on the reel to make the final combination more profitable;
  • A spreading wild symbol is a kind of wild symbol that has the property of “stretching” over several rows of the reel, thanks to which the combination becomes even more profitable;
  • A scatter symbol is several symbols at once (usually there are 3 of them), which allow you to activate additional free spins, as well as other bonuses;
  • Bonus symbol – a picture to start bonus rounds;
  • Re-spin – this function starts the rotation of only 1 reel in the pokie, while the rest remain stationary. It is used if only 1 required symbol is missing for the winning combination;
  • Win multipliers – these symbols allow you to multiply your winnings several times. There may be special multipliers when making free spins or re-spins;
  • A payline – cells sequentially placed in a line to capture winning combinations of symbols;
  • A paytable is a part of the game interface or even a separate window that contains information about the rules of the game on given pokies and about fees for capturing various symbols;
  • The jackpot is the highest possible payout. Online slot machines under this name also have a progressive jackpot;
  • Payout – the ratio of the amounts received by gamblers and the costs, showing the level of gambling entertainment profitability;
  • High Roller is a pokie for gamblers who prefer large bets.


Can I Play Free Online Pokies in Online Casino?

Licensed gaming clubs in New Zealand and Australia offer their players online free pokies. To play without money bets, you do not need to fund your account.

What are the Best Free Play Pokies to Play?

There is no general answer here. While some players prefer video slots with progressive jackpots, other players prefer slot games with great graphics. But there are free slots pokies that have been particularly popular on the World Wide Web for years. This includes:

Where Can I Find Free Online Pokies?

Free Australian pokies can be found on any reputable site in most online casinos in New Zealand and Australia. To play them, simply select a slot machine. In most cases, you can then decide whether you want to play it for free, as a “demo” or “practice”, or for real money. Normally, you don’t even need to register to play the free Aussie pokies.

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