How To Hack Slot Machines With Phone

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Ever since gaming exists, people have found ways of hacking and cheating the system in their favor, it’s human nature. That’s also happening to online slot machines, with the use of smartphones. With the help of AI apps that track the spinning reels and generate a winning algorithm, players can get more winnings. So, if your main purpose was to find out how to hack slot machines with Android phone, this is the only way to do it. Using a tap simulator and the mobile version of Cheat Engine, you can try your luck at hacking online slots at smaller casinos that don’t have advanced protection on their websites.

Slot Machine Cheat Codes

Online slot machines were founded on basic mechanics, similarly to their offline counterparts. However, as technology evolved and the Random Number Generators became harder to hack, players also got inventive. Using special AI apps to monitor the gameplay for an extended period of time, patterns can be isolated. This allows online casino players to adjust the bet size exactly when the slot is about to pay big.

The Yo-Yo Slot Hack

After seeing how online slot machines can be hacked using a phone, it’s time to remember a classic method for land-based slots. The Yo-Yo hack requires you to get a piece of thin string and tie it around your chosen coin, then deposit a said coin into the machine. After the game registers it, you just pull the string and take the coin out.

Can You Really Hack Slot Machines?

With all the scanning technology and sensors nowadays, it’s quite hard to be successful at this. We’ve put all the available information at your disposal to come with an exhaustive answer for how to hack slot machines with your phone. Be that as it may, we can’t guarantee the success of any methods described here.


The bottom line about hacking slots with your phone is that it’s not impossible. However, attempting it may result in having a bad time. So it’s better to just have fun, relax, and enjoy the beauty of the game, rather than getting yourself in an uncomfortable position.

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