What Is Perfect Pairs Blackjack?

By Loyd Pelto
Perfect Pairs Blackjack

The objective of Perfect Pairs Blackjack is pretty straightforward: You have to guess if your first 2 cards form a pair or not. Now, in this game, there are three different types of pairs that can get you your much-desired payout: perfect, colored, and mixed.
Now, it is pretty obvious that getting ANY kind of pair has a much lower possibility that not getting dealt a pair, but this is where the side bets come and help you enter a „high risk – high rewards” situation.

How to Play Blackjack Perfect Pairs?

It’s fair to say that Perfect pairs blackjack online is based on chance, but this doesn’t mean that certain strategies cannot minimize your losses or even help you hit the jackpot. It’s like regular blackjack but with a twist. At the beginning of the round, you will place the regular wager and you have a special zone for side bets.
In the beginning, you have the opportunity to get optional insurance for your bet. In case the dealer hits a straight blackjack (the natural 21), then you get 2/1 on your Insurance bet.

Perfect Pairs Payout and Probability

  • Perfect Pair (e.g. Queen diamonds – Queen diamonds): cards that share the same suit and rank – 30/1 payout, 1.7% chance.
  • Colour pair (e.g. 4 spades – 4 clubs): pair with different suits but same color – 15/1 payout, 1.9% chance.
  • Mixed pair (e.g. 3 hearts – 3 spades): mixed pair of different colors – 7/1 payout, 3.9% chance.


Perfect Pairs Blackjack is the perfect game to bring a little bit of excitement and thrill into the lives of every player, as everyone hopes to get that huge payout! Also you can try other games, for example Baccarat Online or Slot Bingo.

Loyd Pelto is happy working as an author because it helps gamblers make the right decision. He has been writing for ten years. His primary objective is to bring order to the online gaming business.

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