American Roulette: Slot Details, Gameplay, Theme

When you will join the American Roulette free, you will notice the first difference: the wheel has two zeros on it, as opposed to only one as usual. You will also see that the layout is made out of 38 pockets with the classical numbers 1-36, the zero, and the newly added feature of double zero, which are painted green.

How to Play?

Before you go building your best American roulette strategies, you should know what’s what and what the best practice is. Let’s go through the basic steps here:

  • Once you have selected a reputable and safe online casino, you have to register an account and head to the lobby where you can start playing the game without being required to download anything.
  • Choose how many credits or cash you are willing to stake, and then you will receive a stack of virtual chips, displayed in front of you.
  • Place your bets before every spin as you have an unlimited number of bets that you can place before a spin. Just drag and drop your chips on your chosen numbers/combinations.
  • Press the spin button and enjoy the magic of free online roulette American.

Slot Features

play american roulette online

Besides having a pretty good RTP percentage of 94.7%, you will enjoy some really high payouts on the combinations, a single number will give you a 35 – 1 payout. The biggest American roulette odds are for the 1-18/19-36 combinations, and they are 47.4 %.

We suggest you also try the autoplay feature as it is the perfect way of testing out your strategies, so you can invest that time in something else that is important.


When considering all the features and benefits that you get from the American roulette wheel, we have to say it is an exciting version of the classical game. Everybody likes challenges with prizes, and this is where the added double zeroes come in.