baccarat in Australia and New Zealand

Playing baccarat in Australia and New Zealand

Loyd Pelto
Loyd Pelto
Last Updated 24 December 2021

Baccarat is a fascinating game when you’re gonna play a part. Your lucky number in this game is 9. But playing in Baccarat, as well poker game or Blackjack, has some nuances. That is why, we  are going to teach you Baccarat rules in 7 basic steps with detailed illustrations. Just be very comfortable and relaxed.

Potential Outcomes in Baccarat: 3 Variants Gamblers From Australia and New Zealand Should Know

  • You win
  • Banker gain
  • Tie

The objective of Baccarat game is quite simple, isn’t it? Here’s practically a step-by-step guide.

Step 1

Make the right choice and speedy reaction.

How to play Baccarat

Now we all got skin in this game. Here you can wager on 2 possible hands: Banker’s hand or Player’s hand.

And don’t forget: choose that hand before any cards are dealt.

Step 2

How to play Baccarat

Do you know how they are dealing with cards?

At the beginning of the game, each player got 2 cards for each purchased box. However, this number doesn’t represent the full picture. Well, you may ask, why? The participant of the game (Player) or Casino operator (Banker) places just one face card in the player’s box. The next turn is the first banker’s card, which places in the Banker’s box on the table. Then the house deals with the player’s card and the second Banker’s card.

Step 3

How to play baccarat

Remember the number of points for card sets.

10 and face cards are estimated to be about 0 points; all other cards in Baccarat are assessed their nominal value. If the total amount is more than 10, another digit is the significance of the hand. Let’s review different options. If we get a 6 and 9, their sum equal to 15. Then that weird combo makes a five-point hand. But the total of your hand must be about 9 points for the victory. It’s just whatever it takes to win the war out there.

Step 4 

“Natural” victory is a good luck.

How to play Baccarat

Just imagine, the first 2 cards have been dealt and the gross number of points was 9 or 8 for whether the player or the Banker. What does it mean? We don’t want to disappoint you, but your game is over and the winner is a participant of the game with 9 (or 8 ). This is all a perfectly natural winning. The sweet victory is a necessary part of becoming a pro in Baccarat. The best think about that action is that all your placed bets will be cashed out.

Step 5

In some instances, the player can take a third card.

How to mplay Baccarat

The player hand must be completed first. Secondly, no additional cards for him with a total of 9 or 8. If we speak about any other total from 0 – 5. The player pulls another third card unless the banker’s hand has 9 or 8. That is an important rule. In this case, the banker doesn’t need the future draw because he is a champion.

Step 6

Learn rules for Banker’s third card.

If the Player decided to leave on the sidelines (or doesn’t take new cards), the Banker draws with the total hand of 0-5 and stays pat with a hand total of 6-7. See interesting regulations about how the Player’s third card defines all other hands in the table below:

Playing baccarat in Australia and New Zealand

Step 7

Count win-win hand after all cards were dealt.

Do you remember the winning number of 9? Of course, the win-win hand is that which totals near 9. In the game or the draw, both hands cannot win or lose. In some cases, if you are bet on the Banker’s hand, a commission can be paid out of winning. The best chance of both worlds.  Well, now you sure know how to play baccarat in New Zealand and Australia.


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