Max Keiser: Bitcoin is already unstoppable

By Loyd Pelto
Billionaire Keiser said that Bitcoin was about to disrupt the US dollar

“Bitcoin is dying!” “Cryptocurrencies are a gimmick!” “Bitcoin is our future!” Many people, many opinions. But there are few that really matter. And there are few people who can really take a look into the future and make a valuable prediction. Like Max Keiser in an interview with The Street.

Max Keiser predicted the future of bitcoin

Back in 2017 during the Bitcoin rush, billionaire Max Keiser said that Bitcoin was about to disrupt the US dollar and interfere with the bank system. As he comments on it today, it’s clear his prediction is coming true. As Keiser is certain Bitcoin will keep winning positions, he is not going to sell any of cryptocurrency he owns. Bitcoin price target when he would consider selling his units is around a hundred thousand. This way of thinking is probably why he is a billionaire.

Waiting for big moves

Have you ever experienced the fear of missing out? When you don’t catch the latest trends and feel clueless? The same is now happening with big corporations and stuff. Max Keiser’s Bitcoin prediction is it reaching the institutional level. The higher the level, the more money involved. The more money, the more fear to lose it. So, Keiser expects to see some major moves from big players. Time to prepare some popcorn to watch the show, right?

Max Keiser believes that Bitcoin is the money of the future

The settlement is the key

Max Keiser is bold in his predictions and his statements. Just see this: “The nation-state is dissolving.” Because of Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency changes the units of politics, he says. Bitcoin became a universal medium of exchange where no third party is involved. No banks, no delays. The trade settles instantly, openly, and people depend on nothing. Financing without banks — what a dream picture, isn’t it?

What can the authorities do?

Nothing. Max Keiser believes that the government is unable to regulate Bitcoin. We’ve all seen and heard those stories of senators and other politicians spitting venom on Bitcoin. They want to get under control and stop it from replacing (as it may happen) banks and real money. In fact, the government trying to regulate/ban cryptocurrencies does nothing more but serve as an excellent ad for them, says Keiser. And you know what, he’s right. When the government wants to ban something, there appears and immediate urge to try and use it. Well played!

In general, it seems that Bitcoin has a bright future ahead. As well as other cryptocurrencies. Whatever digital money you have on your hands: BTC, FTCH, LTC, DOG, BEH, we are ready to settle the trade. You can use them at Syndicate online casino! 


Loyd Pelto is happy working as an author because it helps gamblers make the right decision. He has been writing for ten years. His primary objective is to bring order to the online gaming business.

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