Sports Events Canceled! What You Can’t Bet On!

By Loyd Pelto
sport events canceled

The coronavirus epidemic in 2020 has significantly affected the sports industry

Despite all measures, the virus has spread beyond China and is now rapidly spreading in Europe and around the world. Italy became the second epicenter of the disease. They also managed to hold the biathlon world championship there, but some football matches are either postponed or are held without spectators. For example, today fans will not see the game of the leaders of Serie A of Juventus and Inter, which has been postponed to May.

Coronavirus has already affected almost all major 2020 competitions. And it is still not clear how soon the big sport will return to the fans. And will he return in the usual format, or will tournaments be held without spectators? It’s really bad news, but almost all sport events canceled, so what it means in betting perspective in 2020?

NBA suspends season 2020

The NBA closed the season

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said that NBA suspends season. But he knows when the season will continue, approximately in the summer. It all started because the Center of the Utah Jazz Rudy Gobert has tested positive. Fate played a cruel joke with him, he was very careless. Further, other players of different NBA teams began to get sick. Even NBA stars such as Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell tested positive for the coronavirus. The league said it would lose about $500 million because of the virus and the decision that NBA canceled 2020.

“Los Angeles Lakers“ on the official website reported positive tests for coronavirus. As part of the team, the disease was found in two players whose names were not disclosed.

Both players are without symptoms and are quarantined under the supervision of team doctors.

Major sport events canceled

Earlier, because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus, the world championship in figure skating, which was supposed to be held in Montreal, was canceled. Besides, many sport events 2020 canceled, such as MLB canceled 2020, US soccer canceled 2020, or they held without spectators.

Recall that the World Health Organization has announced a pandemic of the new coronavirus COVID-19 in the world. After that, US President Donald Trump announced a ban on 30 days of entry into the country from Europe because of the threat of the spread of the virus.

According to the latest data, the number of cases of COVID-19 in the world exceeded 125 thousand people, more than 4.5 thousand people became its victims. At the same time, doctors cured 68 thousand patients with coronavirus.

Also, the season is canceled in the NFL and it is not clear when the playoff will begin. MLB delays,US soccer, and other tournaments like golf canceled 2020.


UFC 249 is still on

But the UFC Lightweight championship match in MMA between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson at UFC 249 will be held on April 19 in the United States without fans. Even Khabib has already said that the main thing is for the PPV to take place, and he is ready to fight in an empty arena.

Italy canceled all sporting events

In Italy, all sporting events canceled because of the coronavirus, in Spain, France, and Germany, the football championship matches will be played without spectators. Serie A is officially suspended until April 3.


“We are pausing the league,” the official Twitter account said.


The opinions of the fans regarding this radical decision were divided. But the majority agreed that it was better to wait than watch on TV. Also, a few hours before the stop of the season, most clubs expressed their readiness to hold games with empty stands. But the European soccer canceled 2020. Juventus might become a champion if the season won’t be continued since the club is leading in the schedule.

European Championship 2020

The European Championship 2020 might be postponed

The European Championship and the end of the Euro season are under threat. Tickets for Euro 2020, which takes place in June and July, continue to be actively sold. On social networks, UEFA regularly advertises a ticket service. European football management hopes that by June the situation will stabilize.

If the epidemic cannot be defeated before the summer, then Euro 2020 will probably be canceled. It should take place in 12 cities, and the opening is planned in the current problem of Rome. Italian officials are already proposing to postpone the European Championship to 2021 so that you can safely finish the 2020 season. So far, this initiative has not found support in UEFA. It was reported that UEFA will postpone Euro 2020 to 2021, as well as cancel the Champions League and the Europa League because of the coronavirus. Before this, because of the coronavirus, matches in the Italian Serie A, has already been suspended.

Boston Marathon delayed

Boston marathon postponed

The Boston Marathon delayed to September 14 because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus. Initially, the mass race should be held on April 20.

Our expectations and hopes are related to the fact that the new date will be safe from the spread of the virus. The Boston Marathon is the oldest of its kind. The first race was recorded in 1897, a year after the first summer Olympics in Greece. It’s a pity that the Boston Marathon canceled 2020.

NHL canceled 2020

NHL is also suspended

Because of the coronavirus, the NHL suspends season from March 13, while Formula 1 delayed the first leg of the 2020 season in Australia on March 15, the BBC said.

League commissioner Gary Bettman said that NHL canceled 2020 because of coronavirus and after consulting with medical experts and a board conference call. The World Hockey Championships in Lausanne and Zurich also might be canceled since it is too late to send it to another country.

According to two sources, the Australian Grand Prix will be postponed indefinitely. Earlier, the McLaren team had withdrawn from the stage in full force since one of its employees had a coronavirus.

NCAA Madness

NCAA Madness is postponed

All NCAA matches will be held without spectators because of the coronavirus.

All male and female competitions sponsored by the National University Sports Association (NCAA) will be held without spectators due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, according to The Athletic’s Shams Charania,

The matches will allow the presence of the necessary staff and close family members of the athletes. The NCAA canceled 2020 all men’s and women’s basketball competitions, including NCAA March Madness canceled, because of the threat of the coronavirus’ spread, according to The Athletic insider Shams Charania.

To date, carriers of coronavirus infection have been detected in 114 countries, 118 thousand people are infected. The number of recovered exceeded 65.8 thousand, 4 360 people died.

2022 Qatar World Cup

FIFA has decided to postpone the qualifying matches of the World Cup 2022 

World Cup Qualifiers postponed. This decision concerns the matches of the first two rounds of selection for 2022 Qatar World Cup, scheduled from March 27 to April 1. FIFA promises to inform about possible dates for postponed matches shortly. It was previously reported that UEFA decided to postpone the final Euro 2020 tournament.

The two main events of the coming summer – the European Football Championship and the Summer Olympics in Tokyo may not take place

Although UEFA is not considering the issue of canceling the football championship right now, the leadership has already held an emergency meeting and studied the recommendations of the World Health Organization.  However, UEFA does not hide the fact that the epidemic has a chance to send the tournament as a whole offside.

But the officials in charge of the Tokyo Olympics are proposing to discuss the postponement of the 2020 Games.

“We do not want to veto. Besides, too much money was paid by the IOC for broadcasting. But why not put off the competition for a year or two? ”

– expressed a common opinion, a member of the Executive Board of the Organizing Committee of the Olympics Haruyuki Takahashi.

If the epidemic intensifies and does not allow ending the most intriguing season, likely, the champion will not be determined. All this will be decided at the executive committee of the Federation on March 23. Also, the Italian government has already announced a ban on any internal sporting events.

EPL League

EPL might be closed

The main players of the British championship are so excited about the history of the coronavirus that they intend to arrange a joint appeal to the management of the Premier League. He follows in the footsteps that the terrible sore was seized by the owner of the Nottingham Forest team (championship club) Evangelos Marinakis, who visited the battle between Arsenal and Olympiacos at the Emirates Stadium, after which all the players and employees of the English club who spoke with Marinakis, quarantined.

It is worth noting that,  in early March, the British government sent messages to clubs, where it was written:

“If only one of the league players found a microbe, the rest of the season matches would be canceled or postponed…”.

But, similarly, football players do not “wait”.


The number of infected with coronavirus COVID-19 worldwide exceeded 127 thousand people. Coronavirus has been found in more than 100 countries. The top five are China, Italy, South Korea, Iran, and France. More than 4,700 people have died. We hope that soon we will be able to cope with the coronavirus and soon we will calmly monitor sport events 2021, forgetting about this virus.


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