How Australian sport has suffered from coronavirus

By Loyd Pelto

Thus, today there are only a few active football tournaments on the planet. Tons of professional athletes, like you, are immersed in online cinemas, consoles, household chores or entertain themselves with toilet paper challenges in social networks. In conditions of competitive hunger, the accumulated excitement, at first glance, has nowhere to go, but even now in the world, there are cups and championships that the coronavirus does not care about. It is enough to pay attention to our closest neighbors and the rest of the world.

The current crisis forces us to reconsider our attitude to sports and the money spent on this sport. Some clubs are now barely making ends meet. What will happen to them after possible months of inactivity? In Australia, 1895 cases of infection with a new coronavirus were detected, eight people died. Over the past day, about 300 new patients with the disease caused by the virus were registered.

All catering establishments, entertainment centers, night clubs, cinemas, and gyms are closed in the country, and citizens are urged to leave their homes as little as possible.


FFA closed

Australians are very stubborn. They desperately continued the championship even during the largest forest fires in history. The games have not been canceled for a while. True, many fans showed awareness and stay at home, so stadium attendance fell three times after the pandemic was announced.There are 11 clubs in the Australian A-League – ten from Australia and one from New Zealand. The last match of the current draw at the moment was played on March 23 – Newcastle United Jets beat Melbourne City. The game was held without spectators.

The local A-League is mentally suitable for its viewers. There are a lot of crazy comebacks and a completely open VAR – recordings of negotiations of judges are published after the matches. But finally, all matches were canceled after the outbreak of the pandemic, and on April 22 a decision will be made to completely close the league or continue.

Australian Football or Aussie Season. AFL rules and favorites can be quickly dealt with. Two teams of 18 people play an oval ball on an oval field with virtually no stops. The most dynamic and most visited competitions in Australia were held without spectators, but with excellent broadcasts. Now they are canceled with might and main.

The Australian Football Championship was one of the few national championships that tried to play despite all adversities. But the league was on thin ice and was suspended due to the spread of the coronavirus.


Formula 1 won’t take place in Australia

Australian Grand Prix will be postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. This information was reported to BBC reporters by two sources in the leadership of Formula 1.

Earlier, the McLaren team in full force withdrew from the Australian Grand Prix – after one of its employees revealed a coronavirus. There are no other sick people among the team members yet.

At the same time, no official statement has yet been received from Formula 1 governing bodies. The starting stage of the world championship in car racing in the class of cars Formula 1 Grand Prix was canceled due to the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19. This is stated in an official statement by the International Automobile Federation (FIA).

“After confirming the information about the presence of infection in one of the McLaren FIA employees and the leadership of Formula 1, they met with representatives of other teams. Following the discussion of the situation, it was decided to cancel the Grand Prix, ”the FIA  said.


The first stage of the tournament was supposed to take place on the track in Australian Melbourne from March 13 to 15. It is noted that the decision on a new date for the Grand Prix will be made later. Fans were promised the return of funds spent on the purchase of tickets.


Tennis matches are not going to be played in Australia

According to numerous surveys of residents, tennis ranks second after surfing in the number of people involved in this sport. Moreover, the country hosts a grand Australian Open tennis tournament. The Grand Slam Tournament is closed. Female WTA and Men ATP matches on the hard courts won’t happen.


Cricket matches are canceled

An old English sport, in which the teams of Australia and Great Britain most often take part in competitions. Usually, they play on grass, on an oval-shaped field, in the center of which is a strip of land. At each end of the strip, there are gates where players are located. The goal of the serving team is to hit the opponent’s gate with the ball, and the defender’s goal is to hit the ball and reach the opponent’s gate. Alas, cricket matches have also been canceled.

Golf matches are abandoned

Due to the coronavirus canceled and the golf tournaments. The game uses balls and a club, and the essence of the game is to hold the ball from one zone to another for the minimum number of strokes and drive it into the hole. Golf courses in Australia are simply unlimited. It’s a massive blow since the sport is extremely popular here.

No room for water sports

Alas, there are almost no surfers on the beach. In quarantine mode, no one surfs the waves.

The greatest popularity and huge demand are in water sports, especially surfing. A huge number of Australian beaches contribute to long-wave skiing, and the presence of the Great Barrier Reef – diving. Australia is generally considered a world center for surfing and diving, so visit it at least for the sake of these two attractions.

Rugby AU


Australia has also suspended national rugby and Australian football championships. The measures taken by the government to counter the coronavirus pandemic made it impossible to continue the championship.

Olympic Games

Olympic Games without the Aussie members

The Australian Committee stated that the athletes of this country will begin preparations for the Games, which should be held in the summer of 2021, and not 2020.


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