Blackjack Double Down – Important Things to Know About It!

By Loyd Pelto
Double Down Blackjack

Doubling down can be a game-changing move in Blackjack to earn whopping profits out of it! What does double down mean in Free Blackjack? It refers to the doubling of bets in the middle of the hands you use with an additional card. And it could be very risky as being dealt with a low card means you can hit again and risk losing twice the chips. It is either a double win or a doubled loss!
It is imperative to know the moment of doubling down in Blackjack! Getting the right balance during the game can reduce the risks and put you in an advantageous position. How to do this and when are a few things answered below.

When should Players Double Down Blackjack?

In the below 3 cases, the players are expected to double down their bets in the Blackjack Bonus game.

  • When cards total is up to 11- This is a good take as players get an excellent chance to hit 21. Even if you do not like it, there is an option to find a close score near this magical number.
  • When players hit a soft 16,17, or 18- Here, you must go for a double down only when the dealer puts up a lower card. Although you might be tempted to hit soft 18, try to improve with a single card.
  • When players gave a hard 9 or 10- If the dealer shows up a lower card and you hold a higher card, it is possible to be in good shape with the dealer.

Once you know about what is double down in Blackjack, it’s time to learn about the moments when you must not hit a double down. Again, this could help in increasing winnings over a while.

When Shouldn’t You Double Down?

The straight answer is never double down if the dealer shows up an Ace. Here, the probability of hitting Blackjack shoots up or might hit a total close to 21. Also, skip the Blackjack double down when you have anything higher than 11, or else the risk of getting busted increases. Instead, stick to a low-side total and wait for the dealer to bust. You might notice a few players doubling down, but they are the ones losing money at a high rate!

Summing Up

This almost covers everything on what double down means, Blackjack. Adopt strategies and rules to hit the proper decision-making in the game. Gamblers can also double up with 3 or more cards and spot other hands at a double down. Track your totals and follow the right strategies to win this game or Perfect Pairs Blackjack.

Loyd Pelto is happy working as an author because it helps gamblers make the right decision. He has been writing for ten years. His primary objective is to bring order to the online gaming business.

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