Top 3 European casinos from the Old World

By Loyd Pelto
Top 3 eauropean casinos from the old-world

If you could see the future, you’d rather go straight to Las Vegas or online casinos. But If you choose the rare opportunity to go back in time, It must be European casinos. We are going to review the perfect blend of historical architecture and old-world gambling elegance in Europe.

Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco

Casino de Monte-Carlo can be the most popular casino in Europe, thanks in part to Martin Campbell’s film “Casino Royal”.

“History is moving pretty quickly these days and the heroes and villains keep on changing parts.” Ian Fleming, Casino Royale

Top 3 eauropean casinos from the old-worldIt’s about strict Monte Carlo casino dress code, gold-plated ceiling, the light of cut-glass chandeliers, and the Beaux-Arts style. One of the most luxurious casinos was to open in the 1850s by the Grimaldi family. Unique architecture makes eye happy yesterday, today, and as long as such european casinos in Monaco still exist. Following the classy interior design and high reputation, Casino de Monte Carlo cannot be described as a low-limit gambling creation. You do not have to be a James Bond to play there, but do not forget about an intelligent dress code and 10-Euro fee for the entrance.

Casino di Venezia, Italy

Top 3 eauropean casinos from the old-world

Top 3 eauropean casinos from the old-worldSome people say that Venice is the most beautiful city in the whole world. The Grand canal includes not only gondolas or ships with tourists but also Casino di Venezia which was opened in 1638. There are awesome Italian style with Murano’s mirrors, symmetrical designs of columns and a beautiful garden on the back Canal.

Top 3 eauropean casinos from the old-worldAll gamblers can visit this place in our times indeed. You may not believe it, but this was once a Theatre Saint Moses. The intermission between attracts gave theatre’s guests a chance to gamble. The main interesting fact that this building was as an example for others in all those years ago. So by 1744 Venetians were opened over 120 different casinos around the city.
You can find here plenty of slot machines, poker, different kinds of roulette, card table games and so on. Shuffle free boat is also available for all gamblers.

Casino Wiesbaden, Germany

Top 3 eauropean casinos from the old-world

As you can see from the picture, Casino Wiesbaden combines the charm and character of a turn of the century neo-classical building. Inside the casino, you can find interesting cherry woodwork, crystal chandeliers and exquisite beauty atmosphere.

Top 3 eauropean casinos from the old-worldWhat about the dress code? All men have to need to wear a shirt and a jacket. Please, no jeans are available in european casinos. If you didn’t take any classical suit, you would deffinetely rent it. No problem.  To start playing with online casinos and win large sums is easier then dress up and pay an extra fee in offline gambling world. The history of online casinos dates back to the mid 1990s when the first internet gaming sites began operating basic versions of the slick and impressive online casinos of today.


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